Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Guess whaaaaaaat......

They're sending me a BRAND NEW missionary straight out of the MTC tomorrow haha. And I am so excited haha, but so terrified. But I really am so stoked, we are about to work the hardest we have ever worked in our entire lives to help bring people unto Christ. Ha knowing that I'm getting a new missionary and that I get to teach her what I know and how to be an effective missionary has made me so happy. I feel so blessed that I get this opportunity. Ha we are going to have so much fun.

This week was pretty dang good!

Monday we went hiking in Waterton with Sister Robson and her two girls, Shelby and Hannah. Haha I love them so much. We hiked Bear's Hump and it was gorgeous at the top! like breath taking. Ha then we had a great time feeding chipmunks pistachios haha. I even got one to stand on my shoulder hahaha, they were so friendly. We had a great time though haha it was fun to be hiking in the mountains, so peaceful and relaxing, I miss hiking. And Waterton is just gorgeous beyond measure ha. And on the drive home we made a little pitstop to see the Cardston Temple :) So Beautiful.

We did some more service this week ha mowed some more lawns. Went well ha.

Wednesday I got my training call, haha and I was so excited and worked up about it I couldn't sleep ha. Friday we drove all day! haha well, it felt like all day. We went up to Calgary for Trainers Training from President. And I got to see some of my favorite sisters! Sister Keller and Sister Shumway!! Theyre both training tooooooo! We're stoked.  I got to see Elder Becker toooooo! His companion is training so he got to come to the meeting. Ha on the drive home our bad bumper on our car popped off a bit and was dragging.....so I used my extensive automobile knowledge to assess the situation, I taped it back to our car with packing tape that I found in the backseat of our car haha. Dont fret, it worked. The elders and us put on a basketball tournament for Raymond Friday night and we had a pretty good turn out, quite a few non-members came. It was so good that we're planning another one for next month!

Elder Becker and I, representing home. Vega$ kids fo' lyfe.

Me and mah girl Keller!!! Im sad its blurry though. /:

Our investigator Scott and his family came to church on Sunday! And stayed all three hours! He seemed to like it ha. We picked up a new investigator this week. His name is Dan. He's an older gentleman that lives alone, he's been going through some rough times lately and a  member sent us his way. We gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet like 3 weeks ago to read and yesterday while we were there he told us that he's already read it 4 times! I was like wait what?! Ha and we gave him a Book of Mormon yesterday. He was like, "Yeah, I think I want to strengthen my relationship with God again, and go to church. Maybe even that Mormon church down the street." Ha I was like, "Dan you know were the Mormons right?" Haha he did. But we set up to go see him again on Saturday to teach him more! I'm so excited, he needs the gospel right now. I love sharing what we have with people, and helping them find the truth. Just warms my heart.

Welp, Im off! I love you all so much, thank you for all the letters, emails, and prayers. I dont know how I got so lucky to have such great family and friends. That's all Ive got for now for The Adventures of Sister Connor. ;) Tune in next week eh? 

haha John 3:16-17 We have a Saviour, he was sent to save you, all of us. Don't waste the atonement, utilize the gift of his love. :) 

Until we meet again folks!

Be good.
Do good.

This is Sister Streibel, we live in her basement :)

Sister Johnson goes home in 2 days!!!! She's done :(

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