Monday, July 14, 2014


Happy Monday !

I cant believe its been a week already! Time is just cruising right along! 

Things are going really good up here! Before I got to Raymond Sister Barton and Sister Bulloch had been teaching an 18 year old girl the gospel discussions and had her committed to be baptised. And this past Saturday she was finally baptised! :) Krissy had been investigating the church for a few years, ha sometimes during lessons she would just blow me away with how much she actually knew. For every question I asked her she had the perfect answer ha, she was praying and reading her scriptures daily, and she was finally reading to follow the Saviour and be baptised by that Priesthood Authority. The baptism was packed! The entire room was full of people from the town that came to support her. She was baptised by one of her friends. I love baptisms they're amazing, the spirit is just so strong every time they come back up out of that water. Those are the days that I love being a missionary. 

Ha so the day of Krissys baptism was probably one of the craziest most stressful days of my mission. Ha her baptism was at 3 pm, and we went to do service for a woman in another ward at 12:30 thinking we would have plenty of time. So we put on our jeans and a t shirt then hop on our bikes and ride about 5 blocks down to help this woman at around1:30 she asked us if we could share a quick lesson with her. We said of course! Thinking we still had plenty of time. Then as we talked and discussed the scriptures I watched the minutes pass by on my watch from 2 to 2:10 to 2:20 to 2:30 to 2:40 ha eventually we were able to get out of there at 2:45. We quickly hopped on our bikes and started the 5 block slightly uphill ride back to our house to change, I have never rode a bike so fast in my life. Then it started to sprinkle, then rain, the pour! But we just kept riding faster and faster as the rain came down. We were 2 blocks from our house when I heard a small shout and a weird noise behind me. I turned around to discover that Bartons chain had fallen off of her bike -__-  Ha so I hopped off my bike and sat criss crossed on the road quickly trying to put the chain back on, in the rain, my hands quickly turned sold black with all the grease and oil from the chain. It just wouldn't go back on! Eventually we got it and started off again, we were running out of time. Ha eventually we ride into our drive way and burst through our door, I immediately go to the sink and try to get all the grease off ha I eventually got them to a light gray color. Then ran into our room and threw on a skirt and sweater then tossed on some shoes and we were out the door again. Ran and got into our car, and headed towards the church. It was now 2:55. We pulled into the parking lot got out of the car and sprinted towards the doors through the down pour into the church. We made it just in time it was 3:00, Heavenly Fathers got our back ha. 

Not much else to report this week ha, today is Victoria Day in Canada so every yard in Raymond has a Canadian flag flying. Its pretty cool actually ha. Me and Sister Barton are for sure taking Raymond by storm. In total this week me and her taught 33 lessons. 16 member lessons, 11 to Less Active Members, and 6 investigator lessons. Its a new high for this area. And were not going to stop there ha, weve got to exceed that this week right. haha 

Okay I guess Ill end here. I love and miss you all so much! I wish I could put all that's happening here into words, but I  have no words. This work is amazing, I love this Gospel. I know that Heavenly Father is taking great care of us. And you. Thanks for all the prayers and love! 

Love you always!

Scripture of the week 

Mosiah 26:30 (Book of Mormon) This is Jesus Christ speaking. Hes willing to forgive you, are you willilng to be forgiven?

 30 Yea, and as often as my people repent will forgive thetheir trespasses against me.

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