Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 12 in the Foothills.

This week was SO GOOOOOOOD! We taught so many people! Me and Sister Nunez have been working so hard over here in the Evergreen Ward. We taught the Plan of Salvation a couple times and every time we did I just appreciated it so much more. It's such a perfect plan! I know its true too, and I love sharing it with people and seeing them feel the spirit and just knowing that it's true as well. ( )
We have been teaching a woman lately from Iran. I love her! And she loves everything we teach ha. I love meeting so many different cultures out here, sometimes I feel like I'm in a foreign country. Ha especially when we run into someone that speaks Spanish because Sister Nunez just takes it away and I just stand there and kinda nod haha.
So todays transfer day......and I found out that I am getting transferred!!! To Southern Alberta! Ha I was not expecting it at all!! I'll be sad to leave Evergreen, but I am so excited for this new adventure! Ha Southern Alberta is more cowboy town, so I cannot wait ha :)
Ha the weather was so crazy this week! One day I'm like sweating and loving life because the sun is shining finally, and then the next day theres like 6 inches of snow outside! Ha and then the next day the weather forecast was "freezing drizzle" I didnt even know that was a thing ha. Well it is, and it is freezing ahha. All 4 of these pictures are from this week haha.
I always feel like my emails are so short, sorry about that ha Not much to say ha. But I am so happy! I love being a missionary. All I do all day is tell people about how much God loves them, and that he cares about them. I get to tell them about where they came from before this life, why theyre going through what they are on this earth, and whats going to happen to them when they die. ME, tall, 19 year old, curly headed Jaynie Connor from Las Vegas can answer peoples questions of the soul. Questions they didnt even knew they had. I know the Book of Mormon can change peoples lives, I've seen it in mine and in those I teach. If you haven't read it yet, you need to. It's the word of God, I know it is. ( )
As a missonary I answer peoples questions out here in their home, on the street, everywhere. :) But there are some missionaries who do work through Facebook so if you ever have any questions but dont want to actually meet with missionaries, or just want something answered quickly you can add one of them on Facebook! If you're interested in this just shoot me an email and I can set you up :) I love technology!
Life is good! Keep on keepin' on out there!!!
I love you more than words can describe. Until next time! :)
Sister Jaynie Connor.

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