Monday, July 14, 2014

When the heck did this happen?!

IM 20?! haha I thought I was going to be 19 forever! I am officially no longer a teenager and it is so weird!!

​This week in Raymond was pretty good!!! Found someone new to teach! And hes doing pretty good!! I went on exchanges with Sister Martin this week from Highland, UT. And I loved it! Ha i love her, we had so much fun just being missionaries and talking to everyone. Ha we even did service for like 3 hours one day for a lady were teaching, I mowed her massive lawn and Martin helped trim her trees. We taught so many people this week! I love being a missionary and just letting people know that their Heavenly Father loves them and cares for them. 

Ha it got so hot here the other day like 27C! And I thought I was going to die! Ha but I am so excited that the snow is gone......for now haha. Not a whole lot to say this week ha kinda scatter brained today. I love and miss you all so much!!! 

When prayer falls apart, everything else falls apart. Remember to pray, hes listening. Acts 17:27-28 

oh! happy memorial day down there!!! Have fun and be smart!

Love you always!
Sister Jaynie Connor

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