Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Greetings from Calgary!!! I love this city a little more each day This week was SO warm, we went from -28 C to 8 C, IN A WEEK. Yesterday I barely wore a coat ha, once you experience -28 with wind chill, everything else feels like summertime!

This week was an eventful one! And it went so fast, I couldn't believe it was already Monday!

Last Monday we baked Christmas cookies with the Humphrey family. It was just like I was back at home, rolling out the dough and playing with all the cute little shapes. I had so much fun.

Ha this week a woman in our ward,who we teach and eat lunch with every Wednesday named Helen gave me a cute leopard print scarf ! I love Helen! She's full of fire, she was born in Russia but has lived all over Europe, and she speaks like 8 languages. Very intelligent woman, I admire her. She's in about her 70's and a nurse. She takes great care of us and loves us as if we were here own grandchildren. But this wednesday I had on my Leopard print sweater accompanied by my zebra socks and I sat down on her couch and she goes "Oh! I see she is wicked! Just a second I will be right back!" Ha I was like uh, what? Sister Heslop did she just call me wicked? Ha she returned shortly with a fleece leopard print scarf for me and said "I had another one picked out for you, but since I see that you're wicked too I changed my mind and I want to give you this one." I was so honored ha! Its way cute too, I actually wore it today ha. Sometimes being "wicked" pays off .

This weekend I had the opportunity to hear from Elder David A Bedinar, an apostle of the Lord, not once but THREE times as well as Elder Payne of the 70. He was here for the stake I'm serving in's Stake Conference. On Saturday morning he held a meeting with EVERY missionary in Calgary. It was kind of a question and answer sort of meeting. I have never been so spiritually uplifted, I took about a page of notes, full to the margins on things the spirit was saying to me. One that particularly stood out to me was "Choose the right, not the appealing." Not a direct quote from Bedinar, but a direct quote of what the spirit whispered to me. Then I got to hear him AGAIN at the adult session of stake conference Saturday night. And the AGAIN at the Sunday Session the next day. I don't know how I got so lucky, This was my first EVER stake conference, and an apostle was presiding. Such a blessing. Elder Bedinar talked about the symbolism of Christmas trees in relation to the tree in Lehi's dream of the Tree of Life and how the tree is really Jesus Christ, and also the symbolism of the lights on the tree and how they represent how Christ is the Light of the World! I dont think anyone that was in that room and heard those talks will ever look at a Christmas tree the same way again. I wish I could tell you everything he said but I just can't put it all into words, definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I'm happy up here and I'm healthy, Its such a blessing to be a missionary! I thank God each day for this great opportunity. God is taking great care of me, thank you for all of your prayers. Remember to pray for yourself too

Check out this cool Christmas video!

I love you so much! And I miss you! Be kind to all!

Scripture of the week?
Mosiah 26:30-31 (Book of Mormon)
Acts 17: 27-29

Remember to pray!

Sister Connor

Monday, December 9, 2013

Hello Beautiful People! Guess what?! Ha this week in Alberta it was the coldest place on EARTH. THE WHOLE EARTH. We were colder than the North Pole ha! I'm not exaggerating this is a real fact. It was -28 C which is -18.4 F!!! My hair froze this week....... ha ill attach a picture. Our ward Christmas party was this Saturday and TONS of our Less Active members showed up! It was amazing! and the food was delicious too :) Then at the end all the kids got to take pictures with Santa. Elder David A Bedinar comes this weekend! To my Stakes Stake Conference! How cool is that?! An actual apostle!! So I cant wait to write you all about that awesome experience. I don't have a lot of time. Just know that I'm happy, healthy, and warm. I love this. All of it. James 1:3-6 Scriptures of the week :) Notes from this weeks Sacrament meeting: -"Treat people as if their heart is breaking, because you don't know, it might be." - Rejoice with people when they rejoice but also mourn with those that mourn. - Let people cry on your shoulder. -Trials in life lead us to understanding. - The Lord prepares us for the trials, and he prepares us to take care of others as they go through trials. -Be grateful for your trials, they are opportunities for you to grow. - Hold the hands of those that hang down. -Let people know that you care about them. As much as possible. Love Always Sister Connor!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hey guys! Another short email this week, sorry /: Things are going great! I'm healthy! I got a blessing this week to help with my lack of sleep and night mares and it has helped so much! I don't wake up at night at all anymore. My companion and I are getting along great. And our ward is continuing to take such good care of us. I'm meeting so many people from so many places! I can add Brazil and Russia to my list ha. So many cool accents too. I love this area and know that I need to be here. We teach a lot of Less Actives and try to get them to come back to church, which is good because ha I myself am a Reactivation. I share my story almost daily ha and people love to hear it. I even got a chance to share it last night at a youth fireside in front of all the youth I encouraged them to never give up on the Inactive, because you never know, they might decide to serve a mission, in Calgary Canada. Well I don't have any time left. But I love you all and miss you dearly. Keep being examples to others! -"None of us is wise enough to make it on our own. We need the help, the wisdom, the guidance of the Almighty in reaching those decisions that are so tremendously important in our lives. There is no substitute for prayer, there is no greater resource." - Gordon B Hinckley Keep praying! Thanks for all that you all have done for me! Be nice to the missionaries! Love Sister Connor!
Greetings from Canada!!!! First off! I love being a missionary! I wake up and go to sleep with a smile on my face everyday. Someone asked me yesterday what my biggest struggle is as a missionary, or something that I don't like about it and I couldn't really come up with anything! I love reading my scriptures, I love praying, I love teaching, I love being an example of Jesus Christ. I literally have no complaints. This work makes me so happy inside. Thanks for all your support and prayers! Scripture of the week DC 58:3-4 Ha, funny stories this week: The Luck of Jaynie Connor kicked in full force on me this week, ha my socks slipped on some member's carpet covered stairs and a slid down them, ( you do know shoes come off in all homes in Canada) WHILE carrying a mop and a huge bucket of dirty mop water ha causing my long legs to bust down the baby gate that was at the end of the stairs kicking all the way to the front door. Ha Ha... I was like REALLY?! I was fine! Ha, Ha, but I couldn't stop laughing, even though I was covered in gross mop water. Funny Story Number 2! Ha, Ha... a family had made roast for dinner and it was kinda tough (really tough) but I still thought it was good. Anyways they were talking to me and and was trying really hard to cut the meat with my knife and my fork but the fork slipped and with the force of the fork and the knife my whole slice of meat slipped in the air... off my plate and landed a few inches in front on me with a slop on the table! Ha, Ha gravy still intact, it was embarrassing, Ahhhh! We now refer to it as "The Great Meat Flop". Only me right? ha. Its 8 degrees F outside right now and snowing ha ha and its only gonna get colder. I'm staying pretty warm though. We heard from Elder Switzer from the 70 this week... so that was exciting! I'll write more next week! I'm alive, I'm happy, I'm a missionary! Life is swell! Smile! Love you! Sister Connor
Hello Family and Friends, I love you all so much! Another short email this week! Just know that I am healthy and happy! And I haven't frozen completely yet ha ha! Thank you for all the support love and prayers, I am so lucky to have you all. I have the greatest friends and family anyone could ask for! Remember to pray! And to share kindness with all you encounter! You never know who needs a smile! And be nice to any missionary you ever see! Trust me they need the love! Stay safe! and don't work too hard! oh! also! we picked up a new investigator this week! We were knocking on doors in an apartment complex and we were supposed to knock on doors 2 and 4, neither of them answered, next thing I knew I was ringing the door bell of door number 8! Had no idea what I was going to say or how I got there but since I did, the woman inside decided to be taught! She's been looking for a church here in Calgary! Awesome right? completely guided by the spirit! Love you all always! Sister Connor Ha ha... isn't this bird sweater AWESOME?!
I'm doing good up here in Calgary! It snowed like 8 inches on Friday! It was insane! as you can see in the pics ha, on Thursday I had on a pencil skirt, flats, and no tights and the one of me in my puffy coat was taken on Friday ha the weather changes so quickly here. Ha I hope you all had a great Halloween! We aren't allowed out past 6 on Halloween so all the missionaries in our zone met at the church and played volleyball, it was way fun! I'm in Chapter 40 of Alma with my Book of Mormon reading, it just keeps getting better and better each day ha This week we have an appointment to meet with a nonmember to help her with her Family History, so all my ancestry knowledge and work is paying off because my companion doesn't know too much about it. Hopefully we'll be able to help her out. I love you all so much and I love getting your letters Thanks for all the love support and prayers. I don't know how I got so lucky to have such good family and friends to take care of me! I pray for all of you each day and I hope all is well! I'm alive, happy and healthy. and not frozen HA Ha. Stay safe! Sorry for such a short update! Until next week! Sister Connor
Yup, it snowed yesterday haha. We went to church at 8:30 for a meeting and it was raining. Came out an hour later and it was snowing, I was like what the heck!? ha of course I had on little flat shoes to walk through the slush haha. Everything has been going great up here! I have officially been out a full month! What?! Time is flying right?! Im healthy and I am happy, me and my companion get a long great and crack jokes all the time haha. I met this super awesome Jamaican man this week! And his two children, he told us ALL about Jamaica and how they party all the time ha, and did you know that they all get married down there on Wednesday? WEDnesday ha get it? I was like what?! I feel so lied to ha. We did a TON of service this week, moving people out of their apartment, and we raked a bunch of leaves, good thing too ha cause theres 3 inches of snow on the ground. I love my ward! They take such great care of us and we have a dinner every night. I truly love each and everyone of them. I read the Book of Mormon each morning and cant help to think after each verse..."How can someone not think this is true?!" I feel like with every verse I read the closer I get to Heavenly Father, and as a result of that I'm truly happy all day. If you're reading the Book of Mormon kudos! Keep up the good work. If not I definitely recommend starting I love all of you so much, I don't have much time but know that I know this gospel is true, and I am so honored to be a missionary and clip on this tag each morning. A lot of people might not listen to me when I tell them I know its true but that's okay, its just not their time, and I tell the next person. With each rejection I walk away with a smile and knock on the next door. I know there are people out there that need this gospel more than anything right now, and Im gonna find them, and Gods gonna help me. Until next week! Say your prayers, he listens! Be good to those around you! XOXO Sister Connor PS these pics were taken within two days of each other haha.
Hello family! I'm alive! My second week was great! It's hard to think that in 4 days I will have been out a month?! So crazy! I miss all of you so much and I hope everything is going good down in the states. I finally bought me a Canadian winter coat today haha I cant wait to wear it and be a fluffy haha. It goes from my knees to my chin and has a fur lined hood haha cant wait to send you pics ha. It actually hasn't been that cold here, I don't wear a jacket most of the time just a shirt or cardigan. The weather has been absolutely beautiful. We are currently searching for new investigators to teach. Our main focus right now has been visiting less active members Some have been really nice ha and some hide and don't answer the door. Ha but things have been so great! Im happy and I'm healthy and I am learning so much! Canadian Vocab: Washroom = bathroom, don't call it a bathroom haha So far in Canada I've met people from: USA Canada Guatemala Chile UK/England and Ireland The Irish family from our ward is one of my favorites, they noticed my Irish last name and immediately loved me haha. We have been fed dinner pretty much every night since I've been out My ward takes great care of me! My favorite is eating at families homes that have kids ha, cause we all know I communicate best with them. My trainer has been taking great care of me and we get along great! I sent Mom some pics and she should post them on Facebook, if not email her and ask to see them. Short email this week I love you all so much, thank you for the support and for the prayers and all the LOVE. Scripture of the week: 2 Nephi 28:28, build your foundation wisely. Until next time my loves! Be good to each other! Sister Connor
Hello my lovely family and friends!!!! Ah I miss you all so much! Canada is amazing and it is so beautiful, I am so thankful to be serving here! I love my trainer and I love my area. I'm running short on time, so next weeks email will be longer, and it will have pictures! But I want you to know that I am healthy, not frozen, and the happiest I have ever been. New Canadian Vocabulary- Gongshow= like a hot mess, or chaos Tuque= (tooooke) A beanie or like a knit cap Its chilly, I wear a coat in the evening and mittens on my hands. In the morning we have to scrape the ice of the windshield already haha, my companion is from Southern California, so when winter comes we are going to freeze solid haha. We have a car! But sometimes we walk just to get some fresh air. I am learning so much about the gospel and about myself. I love being a missionary. I love my mission president and his wife. They remind me of Santa and Mrs. Claus. They'll take good care of me I just know it. We have been fed every night but one since I've been here. And in the next two weeks only two days haven't been signed up for. Everyone wants to meet the new missionary from Las Vegas ha. Since I'm new all I do is talk about my self all day everyday ahaha, and I'm okay with that. New foods I've eaten. Sweet Honey Mustard Chicken with curry. and Carrot loaf? ha I thought zucchini bread was weird, and now I'm eating carrot loaf ha, it actually wasn't bad at all haha. Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving! They eat all the same foods we do and a member had us over to eat with them. Its not as big of a deal here as it is in the states but the food is still delicious. They made their sweet potatoes with like an inch of marshmallows on top and it made me feel like I was home sitting at the table with you guys at grams house. I am so thankful for such loving friends and family. I am also so thankful for this gospel and I smile everytime I put this name tag on next to my heart. This gospel can change lives, and I cant wait to share it with EVERYONE I come in contact with. even if they think I'm annoying. I look at my pictures of all your beautiful faces everyday. I love you all so much. Spiritual story of the week: I forced my trainer to let me go tracting (knock on doors). Knocked on the first answer left a pass-along in their mailbox. Kept walking waiting for that spiritual feeling to knock on the perfect door and got nothing I thought eh screw it and just knocked on a random door. A woman answered and we introduced ourselves and she said "Well would you like to come in?" ha what?! we talked with her for like an hour and we're coming back to share a lesson with her this Sunday!!! How cool! My trainer was like WHAT that never happens! It's you!!! Moral of the story- dont wait for the spiritual prompting to do something, just do it and have faith that the Lord will take care of the rest. Go out there and Just DO IT! I love you all! Thanks for the love, prayers and support. Sister Connor
Hello..from the MTC, Things are going great here, its hard, but so easy at the same time, hard to explain. I have never been so tired but I have also never been so happy, I sing and whistle all the time to myself ha, ha, don't worry I am taking TONS of pictures! Love, Sister Connor

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Road to Canada

Jaynie's dad- Jay Connor and of course...the worlds best traveler, Olivia Connor.
They are in temple square standing next to Joseph Smith in the lobby of the Utah hotel in SLC.
September 24, 2013

Jaynie Connor and her family...The Road to Canada!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mission Pictures!

The other day me and my mom had the opportunity to do a session at the temple, we brought the camera and decided to do a quick shoot after on the temple grounds. It was a little bright and a lot hot, ha but here are some of the results. :) Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cure for the Common Cold?

This past week I had the opportunity to tag along with my ward's Girls Camp. Ha that made my 6th consecutive year of going ha, I was too old for the last 2 but somehow I end up being there anyways. :) But I was there for a reason this time ha, not to just look pretty. ;) I was asked to be a guest speaker on Missionary Night. I talked about why I wanted to serve a mission. This is what I said, and I want to share it with all of you. Please enjoy! The underlined names are a girl and a leader from my ward that I filled in.

Why have I decided to serve a mission?

How about I come up with a scenario that we can all relate to:

Lets imagine that we all have a cold, everyone in the world, and it just makes us feel not good, not so terrible that we can’t stand it, just not our best. Just blehhh. So we have this cold and it will just not go away, we try sleeping, we try the medicine we try everything and nothing seems to work. Then one day Emily goes to the doctor and asks for help and he tells her he’s found a way to get this cold to go away forever. He gives her a new medicine and she goes home to take it. Instantly she feels amazing! And the cold is completely gone! She finally feels her very best and is just bursting with energy and happiness. And instantly she runs to tell Sister Gerstch her great news! When she gets there she realizes that  Sister Gerstch still has the cold. And immediately she tells her to go to the same Doctor and he can give her the medicine to take it away. Seeing how happy Emily is and how much energy she has Sister Gerstch knows that she doesn’t want this cold anymore and she decides to take her husband and their children to the doctor as well to rid themselves of this pesky cold.  Once Sister Gerstch is cured she calls up her Mom and tells her all about this new cure she’s found and what Doctor to go to get the medicine. And the cycle continues on and on as more people share the name of the Doctor with people they know and meet. And eventually people start to get rid of this cold that makes them feel unhappy. And they start to feel amazing! And those people share it with more people, and those people share it with even more! Now people all over the world know about this doctor and the medicine and are beginning to be cured! Amazing right?!

I want you to think about this story, but now I’m going to switch some things around. I want you to replace the Doctor, with Heavenly Father. I want you to replace the “Medicine” with The Gospel. And I want you to think of the “cold” as the burdens of the world. Now remember the cold just makes us feel not so good, we’re not fully happy and we just don’t feel awesome at all. Sometimes the burdens of the world can make us feel that way too right? Un happy and just UnAwesome. But then when we go to the Doctor and we ask for help, that’s kind of like praying to Heavenly Father and seeking the truth. Then the Doctor gives us the medicine to make us feel our best again forever. And that’s our Gospel, once we find it, live it, and believe it to be true, we feel amazing inside and we’re happy and we no longer have that pesky cold. Now I want you to think about how Emily shared her discovery with Sister Gerstch. That’s like spreading the gospel right? She discovered this cure that made her feel incredible and she just had to let other people know about it so that they could feel it too.

Well that’s why I want to serve a mission, I want to help people go to The Doctor and find that cure that makes them feel spectacular on the inside. There are people out there in this world that have “The Cold” and no one has told them about “The Cure” yet! That they can be happier than they are right now! They have no idea. But missionaries, are like Emily, they don’t have the cold anymore and they want to tell people about the Doctor and the Medicine that helped take it away. I want to go out there and find those people that have the cold, I want them to feel the happiness that I have inside. And I want their families to feel it too. Because if I don’t go out there and find them, will anybody ever find them? What if they go through their whole life with this cold and have no idea that they don’t have to?! It makes me sad to think about it!  2 Nephi 32:2-3

You can be a missionary too even if you’re the only strong member in your family. Like me. I’m choosing to go on a mission and I come from a family with no missionaries, I will be the first to go out and serve. Im joining God’s Army for not only the people I meet on my mission but for my family as well.

I know serving a mission is going to be tough, and that 18 months is a long time. But if me giving up 18 months of my life to serve the “Doctor” helps me to find even one person with a “cold” and be able to help them take “The Medicine” to feel better for the rest of their lives, then it will all be worth it.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” –The Lorax

I added the Lorax quote at the end because the theme was "Oh the Places You'll Go" and I thought it fit just right :) 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Oh Canada......

I got my mission call!! I will be serving in the:

 Canada Calgary Mission, English Speaking. I report to the Provo MTC September 25, 2013.

 I am way excited! I thought it was awesome that Canada was one of my guesses. In face on Wednesday the day before I opened my call I wrote: "My mission call is on it's way! Freaking out! My guesses: Ireland or Canada" Ha and it was Canada!!  I am really so excited, Canada seems to be way sweet. A little chilly though. At least I have all summer here in Vegas to soak up the heat ha.

Before I opened my call.

 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I so cannot wait to wear this shirt when I come back, eh?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm Still Alive....promise.

Oh Hayyyyyy!

Happy Spring! Isn't it just lovely out?! Well it is here in Cedar! Sun shining, birds chirping, I can even wear a Tshirt. Shoot I even skateboarded to school this week. I just couldn't help it, it was just too nice y'know?

I just got back to school from Spring Break! So lemme fill you in on whats been happening this past month, with pictures! Yay!


Maiyah got her mission call, AND is already in the MTC preparing to go to Roseville, California!

I went snowboarding, duh.

Got a killer tan.....

I got my wisdom teeth removed, and it was not fun like the youtube videos made it seem. I cried, a lot. And then had a reaction to the pain pills that made me feel like I have never felt before. The pain pills were more PAINful than the new gaping holes in my mouth. It took me 24 hours to feel better and even be able to think about food again, it was turrrrable. AND my face inflated! I felt like Tim Allen from the Santa Clause when he wakes up all fat, "DOES THIS LOOK LIKE "A LITTLE WEIGHT" TO YOU?!" Ha just glad all of that is over haha.


I got to go to Mehicoooo with the familia!

And I got to snowboard with Mai and her sisters! This was the last time riding together for about another 2 years.  It was so perfect!

And then just like that I had to come back to reality. :( I'm now currently back in C-City, and have only about a month of school left to go.

Hope all is well out there!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Greetings Earthlings!

I have no amazing, crazy stories for you this time /: Sorry bout that. But I do have pictures to let you know what I have been up to! Stalk Away!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Say what?

Hello Friends! :)

I forgot to tell you some news!

I was called to be a Relief Society Teacher!

Ha here's how my facial expressions went when I found out:


Ha crazy right? I really am still in shock, not to mention completely terrified. But 14th Ward ladies I promise I will try my best, so bear with me as we embark on this journey.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Aca-scuse me?

Hello friends!!

I hope all of you doing absolutely splendid! So let's update you a little bit on the happenings in Jaynie Connor's life recently shall we?

For starters, I got my patriarchal blessing last Sunday!! Exciting stuff right? For those of you who do not know what that is you can check it out here, Patriarchal Blessings, but it was the best experience of my life so far and I am so glad that I was able to receive it. A lot of things were thrown in my trying to stop me from receiving this blessing though, which made it even more special when I was finally sitting in that chair. :)

So the story begins with me waking up for work on Saturday morning..... late. Ha terrific start for the day. So I get ready to go and me and my friend Ashley hop in the car. We fill up on gas, and get on the I-15. We get a little out of town and car makes a weird "erggghhhhh" sound, it stopped then didn't go again. Puzzled I look at Ash like, "did you hear that?" Everything looked fine so I kept driving, then a couple miles later the car makes high pitched squeaking noise and goes away. I was starting to get a little nervous. So I go to switch lanes and guess what? I have no more power steering. So my freak out level goes up a little bit, but not enough to stop driving. As we get to Parowan, my battery, ABS, and brake lights are now on. But, for some reason I keep driving. I make it all the way up to Brian Head, and believe me, with no power steering was quite a task. My shoulders and arms were sore. We finally make it to work and get a half day lesson.

Mom and Dad were in Panguitch so me, Ashley, and Christie, had planned to spend the night over there with them. We start the car, still no power steering, I just made a mental note to mention it to dad when we got into town that night. So we make it down the mountain to Pang. Mom's making dinner and we start to help, then I remember my steering so I mention it to my dad. He heads out to take a look. About five minutes later he heads in with my serpentine belt, which had completely snapped off. This is a huge problem, once your belt breaks supposedly your car is only supposed to run for two miles before your car shuts off completely or overheats and causes severe damage. Remember I heard the noise all the way back by Cedar, I had made it to Brian Head, AND Panguitch. Pretty impossible right?

So now we had a big problem, my car could not be driven. Which was a problem because me and Christie worked that next morning and the plan was for me to drive us there, then we would meet Ashley and my parents over in Cedar at 4:30 for my blessing. Now what? It was mentioned that I should cancel the blessing and just get it at another time, but I didn't want to do that. So Ashley came up with a plan, she offered to take my shift at work so that I could take my dads truck to Cedar and go buy a new belt, then return to Panguitch and fix the car, then make it in time for the blessing. Sounded pretty good right?

The next morning we headed out for Brian Head. So we're driving, and we get about half way there and some dear start to run across the road. I stop let them go by and start driving again, then out of no where, BOOM, I hit the straggler that was trying to catch up to the group.  I tried to angle the car at the last minute so the deer didn't come flying up over the hood. This is how I felt --->
I got out to inspect the damage, it had cracked my Dad's front grill and headlight, and another "grillish" thing. But all in all not too bad, it could have been much worse. All I could think was, "my dad's going to kill me." So we continued our ride up the mountain in pure silence. Me, being angry at the entire situation, and Ashley and Christie, absolutely mortified that I had just killed a deer.

I finally drop them off at work, and make my descent down to Cedar, I stop at Autozone grab me a new belt, fill up on gas then head back up the mountain. Turns out I wasn't scheduled for a lesson that day, which meant Ashley was just up there doing nothing, so I went and picked her up on my way back to Panguitch. We get to town and me and my dad start to put the belt on, we get it wound up the way it needs to and I start the car. The belt starts smoking. If you look to the left of your screen it might
help you to visualize what my face looked like. I turn the car off and we start to think of what could be wrong. We take the belt off, and it turns out the issue was my Idler pulley. Dad took it off and we looked inside and the ball bearings were squished and had been grinding against the side, there were also random pieces of scrap metal falling out as well. Great right? It's now 2:30 pm, so we call Autozone and they set aside a new idler pulley for us, we put on our Sunday best and load up in the car, it's now 3:00 pm. We get to Cedar at 4pm, Dad runs in grabs the pulley, we drive to my house to drop off Ashley, and go to the patriarchs home. We get there at exactly 4:31pm. We made it, I was there, everything was alright, and I was going to get this blessing. And I did :) And I loved every second of it.

 I am so grateful that I was able to receive it, even though all those things were thrown in my way.

Thanks for reading! Hope all is well!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I thought of a story!

   I thought of a story I forgot to tell you!

So I worked New Years Eve right? Well up in Brian Head on New Year's Eve they do this thing called a torch light parade. Now what that is, is employees will get bundled up and as soon as it starts to get dark will get on the chairlift carrying road flares, so the lift glows red. I got to be a part of that! So we ride all the way up to the top of Giant Steps and we are given two more road flares, and we strap in our boards, light up our flares and follow each other all the way down the mountain in kind of a zig zag, it was so cool! The whole mountain was glowing red. Of course it was freezing, at the top my bindings would barely click because they were so frozen. Truly an amazing experience. But thats not the story that I wanted to tell you! So while we were waiting to get on the lift to go up we were all just standing around, and while I zipped up my coat I laid my board down on the snow. Snow patrol was messing around with firecrackers and mini fireworks and I didn't pay any attention to them. So I'm just zipping up my coat and getting situated just in my own world and I hear a thud. So I look up to see a giant pile of fire crackers right smack in the center of my board between my bindings. I realize whats happening and quickly bend down to try and scoot them off but as I reach, they go off /: Naturally I let out a mournful "NOOOOOOO!". They eventually stop exploding and I get down to my board and attempt to shake them off, but theres ash and little shreds of red paper all over it /:, It's now dark so I really can't see it to see if its alright, my supervisors were not too happy about this incident and the patrol guy who threw the firecracker bomb was feeling pretty crappy, and offered to buy me a new board if it was burnt. I didn't make a big deal about it and continued on with my night. But the next morning when I got a good look at the board there were in fact 3 burns :(. So I guess what I'm trying to say is....... I got a new board :), and the guy paid for it! So stoked, I mean I am bummed to bid farewell to my other board, it is only a year old, but how can you not be stoked when theres a new board with your name on it?

Check it out :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm back!


Ha so I'd like to apologize for totally disappearing for the past few months, like seriously who does that? Ha any who, I'm still alive, I'm a little taller (crazy right), and a whole lot tanner, well my face is. 

Well in the couple months that I've been MIA lots of fun things have happened! But of course at this moment I can't think of any awesome stories for you to enjoy /:

Oh! I got hired as a Snowboard Instructor up here at Brian Head. It's pretty awesome, I get paid to teach people how to snowboard all day, which explains my extremely tan face. I've taught people of all ages! Ages 6-45 to be exact ha. I've started a new obsession with beanies, no seriously I own like 13,which my job is perfect for because I had to wear one everyday! I worked almost all of Winter Break and made a good hunk of money. But sadly, now that school has started I can only work weekends now /:. It was so strange to wake up Monday morning and not be able to throw on an old T-shirt, braid my hair and put on a beanie, and to wear jeans instead of snow pants. It was painful but I've adjusted. 

So yeah, I've started school again....yay! Ha my classes don't seem to be that bad so far, and I've taken a lot less music classes this semester. As much as I hate waking up for school and having to go, I'm so thankful that I can receive an education. I just love learning. As Gramp Ellenburg always said "Knowledge is power.", which is true and well right now I'm trying to get as much knowledge as I can handle.

There's snow here on the ground in Cedar, its been here for awhile. But it's starting to melt, ha which causes puddles, which freeze at night. And then in the morning when you're walking to class its like trying to walk across a hockey rink. I haven't gone down yet, luckily! (Knocks on wood)

Well internet friends, thats all that comes to mind right now /: I apologize for not being able to provide you with more entertainment from the Life of Jaynie Connor. I promise not to go missing for so long again.

Oh! Sadly, I had to say goodbye to my dear friend Chasen this weekend. I've mentioned Chase before, she's a counselor with me at Camp Lee. But she is studying abroad in Thailand this semester! WHICH IS TOTALLY FLIPPIN COOL RIGHT?!
But, any who, you should check out her page as she updates on the world of Thai!

I hope all is well out there! Farewell!