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Pretty good week up here in Raymond ha. Its been pretty hot here lately ha, 31 C, I bet thats probably nothing compared to the 110F you guys are getting down there. But it is nice to be up here and not want to die because Im sweating so much haha. I realized my emails are pretty random and all over the place ha, so Ive decided to just give little daily summaries of what Ive been doing ha. Sorry for the lack of apostrophes by the way, this computer refuses to let me type them, they show up as this, È. Okay, here we go!

Monday! After emails Sister Barton and I, along with the sisters from Cardston, drove up into Lethbridge to do some shopping :) We ended up mostly just at Value Village, ha Its a HUGE thrift store. It was a lot of fun, Lethbridge is the closest like Big City to these small towns. It was nice to get some new clothes though, ha especially when theyre thrift store cheap. After we got back into Raymond we ate a little dinner and then went to the Raymond Family Program. Since it was Canada Day on Tuesday the whole town was putting on all sorts of little events. The Family Program is a show the town puts on with local people showing off their talents, ha we only got to catch a bit of it. But the part I did get to see was the Stake President doing cowboy poetry. Ha the whole time in my mind all I could like was, Only in Raymond! I loved every second of it though ha I love this town, after the program we got the opportunity to serve free cake to everyone that came. They had a dance with a band out on the street too. It was so cute and fun! And while serving cake I met, Sheri Dew! THE Sheri Dew. For those of you who dont know who she is, here you go, Sheri Dew . 

Tuesday was Canada Day! SO MUCH FUN! (Not as fun as the 4th in America but still a lot of fun ha)
​We started out the day by going to the town parade! Ha it was so cute! Ha its just like the parade that they have in Panguitch, in fact I felt like I was actually in Panguitch. I kept waiting for Smokey the Bear to drive by in a Forestry truck throwing frisbees. Ha but it was still good haha. After the parade we went to a BBQ over by the ball diamonds with people from one of our wards. It was fun to sit and eat and talk with all of them ha. From there some of my most favourite people EVER from Calgary were in town and came and picked us up. THE VANCES, from my first area in Calgary! I was so happy to see them! It felt like it had been for ever, It was so good to give them a HUUUUGE hug! We hung out with them for quite a while. But then we went to another BBQ over in the 7th ward ha, we ate a lot that day. The Robsons ( My favourites that got me the Vegas T-shirt), invited us over to their brothers for HOME MADE DOUGHNUTS. Yes I repeat HOME MADE DOUGHNUTS. And they were SOOOOO GOOOOD. Naturally I ate three in about 10 minutes. Ha. We watched them fry them then glaze em and everything. It was like a real life Krispy Kreme machine. That night  we worked at the Towns Family Fun Fair, our Jobs? To man the bouncy houses. -___- Ha I kid I kid. It was fun haha. But my feet were killing me! haha and for some reason that day I must have had on mosquito attractant rather repellant because they just had a hay day devouring me haha. I have so many bites it looks like I have chicken pox. Not fun at all.

Wednesday we taught one of our investigators the Law of Chastity . It went so well! And was definitely directed by the spirit. The spirit was so strong, and at the end of the lesson she even asked us how she could repent! I was like whoa! It was so cool to see. Not much else happened except I was a snack for the mosquitos again haha.

Thursday wasnt too exciting either, haha sorry. But someone gave me a full ziploc full of licorice! Ha that was a highlight haha, dont worry Its already devoured :)

Friday was good! We did service at like an Old Folks Home like Hospital thing and a girl who was visiting from the states came and played her trumpet for the residents! I was so excited haha And guess what?! When she found out I played she was like want to try!? Ha I was like YESSSSS! Ha felt good to play again, I pulled out the hymn book and only played a few hymns but it felt so great. :) I didnt realized how much I missed my trumpet. Today I gave away my first copy of the Book of Mormon in Raymond. Putting me at 62 Copies of the Book of Mormon given away on my mission. :) It was to a family who just moved here from Nova Scotia, they had never really heard of the church before. So I whipped a copy out of my back pack and bore my testimony of it and invited them to read it. I hope they do. They were so nice too. We went on splits with 8th ward, pretty fun to walk around and do misisonary work with ward members.

Saturday was a day full of service!! In the morning we helped clean someones house with the 8th ward Relief Society. Then went and had lunch with someone from the 4th ward. :) We then went and taught one of our investigators and after the lesson I then taught her how to mow her lawn! Ha she had never done it before, and Sister Barton hadnt either. So we had a nice little Sister Connor Lawnmower lesson. I figured if I just did it she would have to call us again then again and again to come cut it down. And hey give a man a fish and he will be fed for a day, teach a man to fish and he will be fed for life right? o I showed them where everything was and how to start it, then I mowed a little section of the lawn as an example then let her try. Ha it so awesome to see how proud of herself she was. Huge smile! And then Barton got to do a section too. So fun :) I know its not too gospel related but I just thought Id share. I love service. We also had a lesson with one of our less-active members we have been working with. And I felt like we had just been hitting a wall and I didnt know what to do. So I decided to start asking her questions to see what she was understanding. I started with Do you believe God is your Loving Heavenly Father, she said I dont know. Then I asked do you believe it the plan of salvation ? And she said that she wasnt sure. So, long story short, we taught it to her haha and the spirit was so strong! We ended up that night at a bonfire with a family in the 1st ward. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and played soccer with the kids. Then before we left we shared a message about the priesthood with a little video. So good.

And Sunday was great. Or as I like to call it Sunday Runday. Because we are constantly going from church building to church building to go to all the wards we cover. It was good though. I love church :) We taught one of our investigators Sunday night and it went pretty well ha. Their kids were super hyper and everywhere but we were able to teach a little bit. And at the end of the lesson when we were saying bye, the mom said, Who knows Sister Connor, when youre home off your mission you might hear of a sister missionary named Zinna (their daughter whos 4) serving in your area, and youll be able to say, hey I remember that blonde little girl! Made my heart so happy :) I love being a missionary and teaching people and helping them change their lives for the better! I love this gospel, I know its true.

Welp! I love and miss all of you so much! I hope everyone is happy and well!

Alma 36:3 (Book of Mormon)

Love you always

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