Saturday, October 6, 2012

It feels like just a year ago....

       It feels like just a year ago it was the most stressful week of my high school career......oh wait a second ha because it was! I cant believe time has passed so quickly! This weekend was homecoming at Desert Oasis High School. I drove home Friday night after band practice, I only told one person I was coming. And trust me it was worth the look of surprise on peoples face when they realized I was actually there, and not a figment of their imagination. Ha I had never seen so many double takes in my life. It was so great to see and hug everyone again. I've missed them dearly.

      I must say it was great to be able to sit in the stands and just enjoy the game. Ha last year the homecoming game fell on a Saturday, at like noon, and on the same day as my SATs. Awesome right? ha. I remember my SATs started late and I got out at like 12:30. I had to rush to my school parking lot and find my mother who had my dress in a bag. Yep I changed in the back seat of a car, and let me tell you it is not that easy, I'm actually quite sure some DECA kids saw my boobs ha, oops! I had just enough time to run and hop in the back seat of the convertible as it was about to drive onto the track. Can you say hectic? I did absolutely terrible on my SATs by the way ha, couldn't focus. But hey it all worked out right ? ha
^ Homecoming 2011 Memories

Below is the video of this years Homecoming Assembly filmed by the spectacular Robert Machado! Definitely check it out, feel free to watch his other videos too! They're all great!

Desert Oasis High School 2012 Fall Assembly

Sunday, September 30, 2012

SUUper Homecoming!

     This past week was homecoming here at SUU. And being in the band I played in the annual homecoming parade down University Blvd. It was actually pretty fun. I must say I was pretty freaking hot in our band wind breakers ha. I was sweating like no other as we ran/skipped/walked down the street high giving children high fives. Awesome right? Ha only the children had been playing in the gutter than noticed we were coming sprinted towards us and gave us a huge sloppy wet bacteria crawling high five.......yep ha. But it was totally worth it to see the beaming smiles on their faces. And the best part of all Livi, Mom, and Paps came up to watch the festivities. Livi almost jumped out of her skin when she saw me on the street and almost fainted when I bent down gave her a quick hug then was on my way down the street.
     After the parade we were fed pizza and given a break, a couple of us went and laid down in the grass for a bit. Next thing we knew it was time to go play in the pep band for the football game. We played against Montana, it was so close but we lost. /: ha I was so exhausted it took all I had to keep my eyes open. Not to mention I was STILL sweaty and gross. When I got home I hopped in the shower then immediately fell into bed and did not move for another two hours. And I loved every second of it. After I had awoken from my slumber, I threw some clothes in a bag and drove up to Panguitch to spend the rest of the weekend with the fam. Liv was glued to my side and even wanted to sleep with me. I loved every minute with them. I even got to enjoy breakfast with my grandparents.

Oh  BTW I finally got a bed frame in my room! :) My boxspring is no longer on the floor and I'm lovin it.

Hope all is well, thanks for reading!

Friday, September 14, 2012

3 weeks down! And a whole lot more to go....

Its Friday!! And I have now gone to school for three weeks! Tomorrow is SUU's first home football game against New Mexico Highlands. And guess what?! I get to play at the game for Athletic Band! Whooooo! It should be a lot of fun and we got these shnazzy new jackets! Awesome right?! I play trumpet in the athletic band here. For those of you that don't know I am in Band here, as well as a Woodwind Ensemble, and a Woodwind Studio Group. I play my instruments a lot. I am getting so much better at the Bassoon its crazy, there's so much about the instrument that I never knew!

Okay so I made one of the best purchases of my life this week. No seriously. It's beautiful. I purchased a Penny Nickel Board. It is so much fun. Its like a plastic skateboard, but with long board wheels and it seriously just glides over all surfaces. I had originally brought my skate board with me, but the wheels kept getting stuck in the cracks and it was a real pain. And I didn't really feel like breaking any bones any time soon, so I decided it was time for a long board. Its taking some getting used to but I like it a lot. I took it out for the first time last night and skated all over our neighborhood. It's actually not hard to go slightly up hill either! And it goes over the bumpy pavement here wonderfully. Well thats all I have for you for today :) Hope all is well!
Did I mention it was absolutely gorgeous out yesterday?! Fall is definitely in the air :)


Monday, September 10, 2012

The Princess and the Pea/Twin...

Ha those of you that know me know I act nothing like a princess, most of the time ha. But when it comes to my sleep I am a full on
DIVA! ha So when I moved away to college and was moving into my new home we only had spare twin mattresses, and I was like "Yeah I could sleep on a twin bed no biggie". Ha WRONG! I had not slept in a twin bed since I was 12 years old and much shorter. Ha I am only 5'9'', which I guess is pretty tall for a girl, but still I'm no giant. MY FEET HUNG OFF THE EDGE BY AT LEAST THREE INCHES. Ha what?!

 So I said to myself its no problem we'll adjust. Ha so I finally fell asleep that night, and when I wake up I kind of do this Patrick Star move wear I just stretch right on out ha, what'd I do? Slam my right elbow and right knee straight into the wall. -__- ha great way to start the day right? Who wouldn't want to wake up for 8am lecture like that? Ha my beds right side is pressed against the wall, so one morning my alarm went off so naturally I started to get up and lean forward to turn it off, only hitch, I thought I was facing left, WRONG, I was facing right toward the wall. Ha and I'm no Danny Phantom so naturally I slammed face first into the wall. Awwwwwesome.

 Ha so there was no way this could fly any more, so when I went home Labor Day weekend, my awesome mom started scanning craigslist. And she found the most awesome bed EVER. We got a box spring, a mattress, a mattress pad, and......... it came with a super soft like memory pad!!! For only $140! Awesome right?! It's so awesome to get up and set the outline of my body still in my bed slowly rising back up. :) Now the "princess'' is happy and getting a glorious amount of sleep. Thanks Mama!

Thanks for stalking! No really thank you.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rain, rain, go seriously.

 So all week there has beautiful toasty sunshine here in Cedar. And all week for some reason I would drive my truck to campus in the mornings, but on Friday the weather was just too beautiful to resist and I hopped on my bike. The sun was shining the, wind was in my hair, and I was desperately trying to eat my pop tart while not crashing. I got to the school with plenty of time for class and went on in.

Everything was going great. Class went by fast and I spent the remainder of the day in the library. Around noon I had a music majors/minor meeting in the theatre. So I walked on over to the meeting and as it's about to finish you hear a loud BOOOOOM! From thunder, me thinking it was just from clouds passing by above, happens all the time. Well I was wrong, big time ha. I walk out of the music building to get hit in the face by massive rain drops, deciding to not go back into the music building (for what ever reason I do not know), I run/scurry over to the Electronic Learning Center and walk under the entry way for shelter.

Well I sat there for a while waiting for it to let up, it didn't.  And I thought well what are my options? I could just wait it out I didn't need to be anywhere until 3 and it was only 1:30. Yeah, that sounds great... wait I have Pep Band today at 3, and my trumpet of course is at home. Lovely. Well it looked like my only option was to ride my bike back through the rain home and drive back. So I went back to the music building to my instrument locker, took of my backpack, which contained my laptop and books, and locked it inside. I then headed out side, unlocked my bike and was on my way. Remember how I posted earlier how the ride home is almost always a death ride? Yeah, its even worse when you're soaking wet. And it seemed the more I rode the harder it rained. My thighs were screaming and my lungs had to be on fire.

 I finally got home, and hopped off my bike (I had pedaled so hard and fast my legs were numb). I waddled to the door and came inside, seeing my roommate on the couch, and then realizing that she drives and has a car. It was one of those smack yourself in the forehead moments, she totally could have picked me up but some how I didn't think of that when I was weighing my options. Ha after my roommates got a good laugh and I went and changed, I went out back into the living room, only to notice that outside the rain had started to let up. And even seemed to be starting to stop. Awesome right?! If I had waited just 20 more minutes I would be completely fine, but I didn't think rationally ha.
I grabbed my trumpet, got in my truck, went to Pep Band, and carried on with my day.

I guess the moral of the story kid is when faced with an obstacle make sure you think clearly and come up with reasonable solutions. Think of ALL the solutions, ha it might save you a lot of time, and energy. Just another comedy moment in the life of Jaynie Connor. :) Hope all is well.

 <--- This is seriously how I felt, only I didn't have an awesome hat to protect my hair from becoming one curly soggy mop.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 4 in Paradise

Well today was my fourth day here at Southern Utah University. I'm tellin you it gets better and better each day. Today is the day we finally get wifi in the house ! Whooo! No more hot walks or bike rides to the library to steal the internet haha. Today was also the day that I changed my major for the first time :) I'd like to say that its the last but we all know I can never make up my mind, so for now I am a Communications Major and a Music Minor, focusing on Media Studies. I am so excited. I was sitting in one of my many music classes when it hit me, and I said to myself, "If your goal is to eventually end up on TV, then why are you taking classes that teach you to sing?". And just like that I marched over to my advisor and got it all settled. I can't wait until next semester to start all the media and communications classes. For those of you that don't know what my current life plan is at the moment let me just fill you in! One day I want to have my own TV show, I want you to picture Ellen, meets Chelsea Lately, meets Extreme Home Makeover, meets Good Morning America, ha well something along those lines. I want to help people through the use of TV and media. So if that means becoming a news anchor until then and working other odd TV jobs I am A-OK with that. :)

Last night here at school was Casino Night!!! Aye! haha. Where you get all dressed up and go play black jack for chips, which then are turned in for tickets, which are then put in a raffle to win prizes like; a 36 pack of Mountain Dew, a toaster oven, a vacuum, and etc. It was a lot of fun! Super crowded and hot and muggy but a lot of fun. They had game tables set up all over the room.

I thought I would share this photo with you ha. Every day after all my classes are done I'll drive home grab a bite to eat, and since we have no internet, I hop on my bike and ride down the street to the campus library. The ride here is down hill, it's super fun and it only takes me about 5 min to get here.
The way back up however is uphill, and every day about half the way back I want to through the bike on the ground and just take a nap in a strangers green lawn. No like seriously its like death for your legs ha, but hey if I keep it up I'm guessing by the time snow falls around November I will have some thighs of steel, man!

That is all for now, thanks for stalking ! :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh College....

     Okay......COLLEGE IS TOTALLY AWESOME! No like seriously I am having so much fun!!

Here's my schedule:

Class Piano has been my favorite class so far, ha well it is monday, but still for right now its number one. My teacher is from South Africa, and has an accent that kind of sounds like a proper Shrek in a way. There are only about 15-20 of us in the class (I'm bad at estimating,sorry). But I can tell it's going to be pretty cool.

I love meeting new people where ever I meet here, and everyone is so friendly and polite. I was walking to my first class this morning and right on the bat a girl smiled and said good morning! Totally made my day. There are A TON of blonde haired blue eyed girls and at times even I feel like a minority and my hairs only a light shade of brown ha. Other than the over populating blondes our school is very diverse, there are students from all over the world here.

My third night here was the start of Flight School here. For those of you who don't know what Flight School is, here at SUU all new students are required to take University 1010 to kind of get you into the swing of how college works. For this class you are required to attend flight school, and at flight school, there are motivational speakers, huge ice breaker games, and kind of like opening ceremonies. Like the first night was Campus Tie Dye, they handed out free white t-shirts and hand buckets of dye and gloves set up to do your thang. It was a lot of time and a great opportunity to make friends.  Well I don't want to bore you so for now this is all I'm writing ha farewell! Until next time!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It's time for the Omni Camp post! Dun, Dun, Duhhhhhhhhh! Ha just messin' Omni wasn't that bad. Just A LOT more work. Omni is for kids ages 8-12. At Edge camp I had a cabin full of 15 year old girls. That knew how to; shower, brush their teeth, eat, sleep, take medicine, dress themselves, wear jackets, go to the bathroom, tie their shoes, and use soap. At Omni me and Chasen had a cabin full of mostly 9 year olds that surprisingly couldn't do most of the tasks listed above ha, strange right?
      So me and Chasen got to play mommy for a week! :) As much grief as our 15 little girls caused us that week. I wouldn't trade them for the world. They were so sweet and loving to each other and other campers. I love Omni because no matter where I go someone is either on my back, holding my hand, or sitting on my lap, and I absolutely adore it. The kids have to leave their parents for a week so they are super super cuddly. One night a girl even climbed into my bunk ha.
     At Omni the kids got to:

  • See the animals of Roo's n More
  • Learn about and hold many birds of prey.
  • Dissect owl pellets.
  • Tie Dye
  • Make cool paper mache masks.
  • Do a couple of the Ropes Course elements
  • and many more activities that I'm having trouble remembering now ha :)
I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with these kids and such a great staff, I think I said this before that it was the best 2 weeks of my summer. Truly a blessing to be in their presence.

Monday, July 30, 2012


These past two weeks I had the privilege of being a camp counselor for Clark County's Camp Lee Canyon On the Edge and Omni Camps up in Mount Charleston. Best two weeks of my summer by far! I have been coming to this camp for six years now and each year I love it more and more.....they can't seem to get rid of me. 4 years as a camper, 1 year as a Counselor in training, and 1 year as an official counselor.

On the Edge Adventure Camp:
Activities include-

  • Hiking
  • Overnight Hike/Camp out
  • Mountain Biking
  • Archery
  • Ropes/Challenge Course
  • Teen Dance
Ages- 13-15 years old

Edge camp has always been my favorite, and this years Edge camp was probably the best that I have EVER seen. We had absolutely no problems what so ever. No snotty girls, or bully boys, just a great group of kids. Sunday the day of check in we have some pretty intense rain and hail, then three seconds later it would be all sunny like nothing happened, then it'd hail again ha. The clouds move so fast up there the weather changes like instantly. Other than that we had no more rain, the weather was perfect i wore a tshirt and jeans most of the days, and even a beanie at times. 

I was in Cabin 1 along with my co counselor Chasen. Ive known Chasen since we were in about 4th and 5th grade. We went to the same elementary school, middle schools, and then the same summer camp for all that time. Absolutely love this girl, we're pretty much polar opposites but couldn't be any better friends. We had a MARVELOUS group of 13 girls in our cabin, we seriously got so lucky, they were all about 15 and pretty much took care of themselves. I loved seeing them accomplish all the tricky tasks the camp had to offer and couldn't be more proud of them! I can't wait to see what amazing things these girls grow up to accomplish.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Spring Mountian Stake Girls Camp 2012

Girls Camp 2012!


This last week in June I got to join my ward for the Spring Mountain Stake Girls Camp..... and I had a total blast! Me, Emily, and Mom headed out on Wednesday to meet up with the rest of our girls up at the glorious HEATON RANCH, up by Alton, Utah.
The stake did a wonderful job planning the camp. The theme this year was western with the slogan being "Wanted: Virtuous Young Women", and there was cowgirl hats and saddles everywhere. The activities were even western themed! The girls got to participate in:

  • Repelling
  • Horseback Riding
  • Shooting
  • Pillow Cases for Cancer
  • Making Leather Cases for Book of Mormons
  • and many more!
My first day there I had the opportunity to be strapped at the top of a cliff to help with repelling. I spent about 4-5 hours in a harness strapping girls to a rope and talking them into simply backing off a cliff and trusting me that I would stop the rope if they fell. Sounds easy right? ha Sike! Just kidding. But no really it was a lot of fun to see the pure horror on their faces then see that change to extreme excitement as their feet hit the ground.
I love girls camp every year because all the girls are just so loving and fun to be around. Very Inspiring young virtuous young women!
Check out the youtube video I made here to get the whole experience!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Lets go to the beach, each. Lets go get away"

This song was stuck in my head constantly on our recent trip to the glorious.......
El Capitan, California!
We loaded up the trucks and trailers and headed out early Sunday morning, with our bags stuffed with clothes and our back packs packed with snacks. Because I mean c'mon what's a road trip without snacks?!

The camp ground we stayed at was absolutely beautiful and the beach was only a half mile away, perfect right? We had our beach cruisers, the tents were set up and we slept in late everyday. We loved it. Only bad thing was we had to hide from the NUMEROUS squirrels that were EVERYWHERE! we saw at least more than 3, EACH NIGHT. Besides the skunks though we really did have a good time.
First Day


DAY 2!

We started out our day two with what we thought would be a simple bike ride. Man were we wrong. You'll notice in the first collage, me and Emily riding a tandem bicycle. We rode this bike with Lenzi following on the other to a camp ground under the Interstate. To get to this interstate you have to ride (get off and walk) up a huge hill. We spent a few minutes at this other campsite then decided to turn back. Me and Emily had gotten pretty good at the tandem, pedaling at the same time, working the brakes, and steering. So as were going along we get our pedaling in sync just as we get to the VERY TOP of that huge hill, as we start to go down I go to press on the brakes to slow us down only to discover.....THAT THE CHAIN HAS FALLEN OFF AND WE HAVE NO BRAKES! At this point we are speeding down this massive hill screaming, crying, yelling, and telling everyone to get out of our way. There was no way to stop at all so I had to just keep the bike up right and on the road.
Ha these are the many thoughts that flashed through mine and Emily's mind as we plummeted to what we thought was sure to be our death:

  • I am going to die.
  • I'm really crying.
  • Oh Crap!
  • I'm going to lose all my teeth.
  • My husband isn't going to think I'm pretty.
  • We're going to hit a tree.
  • Jaynie's tears are hitting my face.
  • Lord Help US!
Finally we made it to an uphill slant that was enough to slow us down for me to put my feet down. Probably the scariest moment of my life so far! I don't think I've ever cried while riding a bike before so that was a first. We ended up totally fine, just a little emotionally scarred. When my dad checked the bike out back at camp he discovered the tire could have easily fallen off, so we got pretty lucky.

After that we headed out to a quick hike to a waterfall, and on the way spotted this cute little place were you could pick your own strawberries and raspberries. Completely awesome!

All in all the trip was a huge success and a lot of fun!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Electric Daisy Carnival

     Three words,    ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL.....

Last week I got the opportunity to work at EDC here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Holy crap that place is nuts! You would think working in a concession stand I wouldn't see all that much....nope. Ha I saw crazy outfits, crazy bras, and even a little bit too much of peoples bodies than I wanted to! Working EDC is definitely something I will never forget. Even though the shifts were LONG and the work was hard, it was definitely worth it in the end. I mean really, I, Jaynie Connor, got into EDC free. Actually I got paid to be there! I have never seen so many people in my LIFE! They were everywhere, and the music? AMAZING! You just kind of wanted to dance, ALL THE TIME.  Everywhere you looked just put you in a wonderful mood! I must say though at the end of a 15 hour shift I had never been that excited to see the sun rise. 

Night vs. Dawn Center Stage and Ferris Wheel 


My job entailed; taking orders, retrieving the order, serving the order and taking the money. Sounds simple right? WRONG! THERE WERE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE!!! Which means thousands of orders! I must admit after those three days I never wanted to see a hot dog or a boat of fries again in my life! (I quickly got over that, fries rock!) I mentioned earlier the 15 hour shifts? Yeah I wasn't exaggerating. We'd arrive around 5pm and be lucky if we left the stand around 7:30am. The first two days were fine, sure we were tired as hell but we were still having fun. The third day? excuse me, but it SUCKED. The time seemed to move slower than a snails pace. Around midnight I started to notice that my feet hurt. Normal, they'd hurt the night before. As the night drew on I noticed it was getting harder and harder to deliver the nacho trays. Finally, I looked down at my feet to notice my ankles were swollen to triple their size! And this was early in the night too! I hobbled around for what seemed like eternity! Finally morning came and our shift was over, once we collected our tips it was time to walk a mile to the car, on swollen ankles. -__-. My friend Jero, who was working with me, kindly offered to piggy back me the last 50 feet to the car, bless his heart. I got home and slept all the way through my Monday. MY ANKLES WERE SWOLLEN FOR FOUR DAYS ! Thank goodness they have gone down, for awhile I was afraid I was going to have to spend my check on a ER visit.
All in all it was all worth the experience and I'm sure glad I did it. Would I do it again? No.
Well not work it ;) Enjoy some pictures.
Feeling TIPsy
Hiding in the freezer ^

  Swollen Feet (CANKLES)

Friday, June 8, 2012

The final walk....

Today was the last time I would walk down the halls of Desert Oasis High School as a student. It was a truly bittersweet moment and dint actually hit me until I was sitting at home two hours later. I am really going to miss that school. It helped me grow into the woman I am today. I remember going in my freshman year wearing bermuda shorts and marching trumpet and I came out the Senior Class President and the Prom Queen. I lot happened in those four years, some good things, some bad things. But I wouldn't replace any of those memories for the world. This year we are the FIRST FOUR YEAR graduating class to walk across that stage for our school. And I am so proud of my class mates. I cannot wait to see all the amazing things they accomplish in this life. This class definitely had some super stars in it, and I'm dreading Graduation on June  13th when I will say my final goodbye to most of them.

Sunday, June 3, 2012



Hey! I figured it's about time I started one of these things. Ha, my name is Jaynie Ellenburg Connor, I am 18 years old, and this blog will be about the crazy, hectic, roller coaster of a thing I like to call my life! It will be laced with funny pictures, stories, and a few of my dry humored jokes. Feel free to enjoy!