Monday, July 21, 2014

Horsin Around!

Oh you know just preaching to ALL CREATURES haha. This picture was too perfect I just had to share it haha. 

This week was pretty good! I took a lot of pictures haha so this email might just be a few sentences. Cause pictures speak louder than words right? I hope so haha

Welp, last Monday we went to a Hutterite colony! And it was so much fun! Don't know what Hutterites are? Hutterites Ha it was a blast, a group of like 5 kids took us on a tour of the colony. They were so sweet and precious. Ha there was a little 9 year old girl named Emerson, and of course we became best friends. Ha we skipped around and held hands the whole tour ha. They are such a cool people, ha when they got there the first thing the kids told us was, "We have a wedding coming up, this morning we slaughtered 800 ducks." Ha I was like, "Wait what?" haha They were serious too! I dont have pictures of the ducks but I got some pigs haha Sorry for the veggies out there

Ha not much else to report on this week. I went on exchanges is Cardston with Sister Martin! Gahhhh I love her. She makes me so happy haha we always have so much fun together. And since theyre in a 3 leg now I got to see Sister O'Dell too. We ate lunch at an old folks home they volunteer at. :)

This week in Raymond we did a lot of door knocking, Trying to figure out who's a member and who is not. It's been going pretty well! Meeting a lot of new people. :) 

Next weeks email will be better I promise! We're headed off now to another Hutterite colony :) Expect more amazing pictures next week! 
Love you all!

Here's this weeks scripture of the week! 2 Timothy 3:15-17 READ YOUR SCRIPTURES! They will bring you hope,I can promise you that. Keep going.

Pretty much my mission in a sticker.

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