Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 4 in Paradise

Well today was my fourth day here at Southern Utah University. I'm tellin you it gets better and better each day. Today is the day we finally get wifi in the house ! Whooo! No more hot walks or bike rides to the library to steal the internet haha. Today was also the day that I changed my major for the first time :) I'd like to say that its the last but we all know I can never make up my mind, so for now I am a Communications Major and a Music Minor, focusing on Media Studies. I am so excited. I was sitting in one of my many music classes when it hit me, and I said to myself, "If your goal is to eventually end up on TV, then why are you taking classes that teach you to sing?". And just like that I marched over to my advisor and got it all settled. I can't wait until next semester to start all the media and communications classes. For those of you that don't know what my current life plan is at the moment let me just fill you in! One day I want to have my own TV show, I want you to picture Ellen, meets Chelsea Lately, meets Extreme Home Makeover, meets Good Morning America, ha well something along those lines. I want to help people through the use of TV and media. So if that means becoming a news anchor until then and working other odd TV jobs I am A-OK with that. :)

Last night here at school was Casino Night!!! Aye! haha. Where you get all dressed up and go play black jack for chips, which then are turned in for tickets, which are then put in a raffle to win prizes like; a 36 pack of Mountain Dew, a toaster oven, a vacuum, and etc. It was a lot of fun! Super crowded and hot and muggy but a lot of fun. They had game tables set up all over the room.

I thought I would share this photo with you ha. Every day after all my classes are done I'll drive home grab a bite to eat, and since we have no internet, I hop on my bike and ride down the street to the campus library. The ride here is down hill, it's super fun and it only takes me about 5 min to get here.
The way back up however is uphill, and every day about half the way back I want to through the bike on the ground and just take a nap in a strangers green lawn. No like seriously its like death for your legs ha, but hey if I keep it up I'm guessing by the time snow falls around November I will have some thighs of steel, man!

That is all for now, thanks for stalking ! :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh College....

     Okay......COLLEGE IS TOTALLY AWESOME! No like seriously I am having so much fun!!

Here's my schedule:

Class Piano has been my favorite class so far, ha well it is monday, but still for right now its number one. My teacher is from South Africa, and has an accent that kind of sounds like a proper Shrek in a way. There are only about 15-20 of us in the class (I'm bad at estimating,sorry). But I can tell it's going to be pretty cool.

I love meeting new people where ever I meet here, and everyone is so friendly and polite. I was walking to my first class this morning and right on the bat a girl smiled and said good morning! Totally made my day. There are A TON of blonde haired blue eyed girls and at times even I feel like a minority and my hairs only a light shade of brown ha. Other than the over populating blondes our school is very diverse, there are students from all over the world here.

My third night here was the start of Flight School here. For those of you who don't know what Flight School is, here at SUU all new students are required to take University 1010 to kind of get you into the swing of how college works. For this class you are required to attend flight school, and at flight school, there are motivational speakers, huge ice breaker games, and kind of like opening ceremonies. Like the first night was Campus Tie Dye, they handed out free white t-shirts and hand buckets of dye and gloves set up to do your thang. It was a lot of time and a great opportunity to make friends.  Well I don't want to bore you so for now this is all I'm writing ha farewell! Until next time!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It's time for the Omni Camp post! Dun, Dun, Duhhhhhhhhh! Ha just messin' Omni wasn't that bad. Just A LOT more work. Omni is for kids ages 8-12. At Edge camp I had a cabin full of 15 year old girls. That knew how to; shower, brush their teeth, eat, sleep, take medicine, dress themselves, wear jackets, go to the bathroom, tie their shoes, and use soap. At Omni me and Chasen had a cabin full of mostly 9 year olds that surprisingly couldn't do most of the tasks listed above ha, strange right?
      So me and Chasen got to play mommy for a week! :) As much grief as our 15 little girls caused us that week. I wouldn't trade them for the world. They were so sweet and loving to each other and other campers. I love Omni because no matter where I go someone is either on my back, holding my hand, or sitting on my lap, and I absolutely adore it. The kids have to leave their parents for a week so they are super super cuddly. One night a girl even climbed into my bunk ha.
     At Omni the kids got to:

  • See the animals of Roo's n More
  • Learn about and hold many birds of prey.
  • Dissect owl pellets.
  • Tie Dye
  • Make cool paper mache masks.
  • Do a couple of the Ropes Course elements
  • and many more activities that I'm having trouble remembering now ha :)
I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with these kids and such a great staff, I think I said this before that it was the best 2 weeks of my summer. Truly a blessing to be in their presence.