Monday, February 23, 2015

Bring it on back!

Whoa alright sooooo, totally sorry that I didn't update or email for the longest time. For whatever reason I decided to take a break. But DONT PANIC I'm back now.

This week was great! Ha busy as always but busy is good, right? Heck yeah, especially for a missionary. We had a lot of exciting events this week.

Last Sunday our friend Shirley came to church with us! She came to hear Murphy sing in the choir and me play violin! It was so exciting to see her there and she seemed to really like it! She stayed for Relief Society and even the Linger Longer afterwards. :) I love when the people we invite to church actually come.

This week we went on Exchanges with the Sisters out in Invermere, British Columbia. SO FUN. They are so great! There's Sister Matheson from Salt Lake City, UT and Sister Durrant from Cedar Hills, UT. And they're a blast ha there wasn't a dull moment in the whole 24 hours. I got to go with Sister Matheson again, we've both been in our areas for a long time so this was like our 4th exchange with each other. But it's all good because she's amazing. We had a lot of fun tracting, walking, and talking. While I was there we taught these 2 girls that were interested in meeting with the missionaries to learn more about religion. So we met them at Tim Hortons, and taught them the Restoration. Most intense lesson of my whole mission! It was a pretty thick discussion, and they had SO many questions! They're both awesome Christian women who really know their stuff and their Bible. It was probably my favorite lesson that I've had my whole mission, really put me and my faith to the test. In the end I when we were getting off topic and caught up on small details I was just like "Look, none of this really matters. But I know that what we've taught is true." And I ended up telling them my conversion story, even down to the details of going on the Pioneer Trek. ;) Long story short,  They agreed to meet with us again in the end of it and to read and pray. To really try and see. After the lesson me and Matheson were walking to the car and just looked at each other and smiled. It's so great to know that the Gospel is true, that Christs Church really is restored. That its all real. I love this Gospel so much! And I love trying to share it with others!

 Sisters Murphy, Durrant, Matheson, Connor

Me and Math, I just adore her! :)

Friday we decided to go up to the Village of Lake Louise cause it had been fo'eva since we had made it up there. LL is about an hour away so we choose very carefully and methodically when we go. WE have an investigator out there, Rick. Who me and Sister Jones found tracting way back when in October. Such a sick guy. Loves Christ and wants to follow him so much. But any who, his days off are wednesday and thursday usually, but we had things going on but figured we'd come out to LL anyways and maybe catch up with some other contacts. We were knocking on doors on his street and we heard a car pull up beside us. "Hey girls! How's it going!?" It was HIM. Work had conveniently given him the day OFF. :O So I was like".....hey! We're on our way to see you! Have time for a chat!" And we got to teach him! First time since Sister Shumway and I taught him back in November! MIRACLE. Committed him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, following up next week. So sick.

Afterwards since it decided to of course snow while we were walking, me and Murph had a little photoshoot as we made our way back to the car.

We volunteered at the Canmore Kid n Mutt Races this week for the town of Canmore. SO FREAKING FUNNY. hahah enjoy!

We had another visit with our friend Shirley this week! She's doing awesome! I love sitting and talking with her, such an intelligent woman.

This week our recent convert/adopted Grandfather David received the Aaronic Priesthood!!!

We're so proud of him! The WHOLE BRANCH family was there to see it happen! AND AND AND! He wore the tie that we bought him!! I have LOVE LOVE loved watching the change and progression of Brother Becker. He has truly let Christ into his life and isn't looking back!

Welp, not much else to say! We went hiking this morning!! In Banff with the Zone Leaders, Mandarin Elders and a Sister from Calgary! We hiked Tunnel Mountain. WAY slick in spots ha but SO FUN here's some fun pictures!!

Don;t mind the gross gash on my leg, rock jumped out and shanked me.

Monday, February 9, 2015

FEBRUARY ......what?!

Welp, another month GONE! Time needs to definitely slow its self down a bit. I cannot believe how fast its slipping through our fingers. This week literally felt like a blink, a real quick blink ha

This is the Three Sisters peak trio that I see everyday outside our house. I LOVE THE MOUNTAINS.

Here's what happened this week! :)

On Monday it was 10 C outside. Which is about 52F ! I know! Ha it was glorious, yknow I've been in Canada a long time when a Vega$ Girl says 52 is warm. Ha we were so excited that we had a BBQ that night with our member! She's the greatest. We ended the night with a MIRACLE.

Here's what happened;

We drove over to see some of our potential investigators in Canmore. They live across the hall from one another, so we figured our chances were pretty high to catch one of them. Walk in the building knock on the first door, dogs go nuts, no answer :( So we turn around and knock on the other door, dog goes nuts, someone answers :) So we're standing there talking with her about church and about the gospel for quite some time and just as we're ending our conversation, our other contact comes fumbling through the door with a TON of groceries. So of course we help her after convincing her to let us help her carry in a car full of stuff, and we're in her kitchen helping her put everything away and she totally apologized for not talking to us recently and said "I hope you girls know that the doors not closed for you two, I just have to figure some things out first" I was like :O oh.... :D hahha so that's good! Totally Heavenly Fathers hand lining everything up just so perfectly!

This is Banff on a typical Monday night:

Tuesday was...........................ha well, Tuesday I was sick. From early morning until early morning the next day. Like I literally thought I was going to die, obviously! Ha but I'm typing this so its proof and that I'm okay ha. But I'll tell you how much I love the Priesthood! Tuesday I spent all day laying down; couch, bed, floor, anywhere. We had Zone conference the next day and I really kinda needed to be alive, and in Calgary. So I got myself together and hopped in the car with Sister Murphy and took off for Calgary. And I was just feeling worse and worse. We were spending the night with the 17th sisters and I asked Sister Murphy if she could ask our District Leader Elder Hill to come give me a blessing. I fell asleep and then the next thing I knew they were there, and my fever was raging. Elder Hill and Elder Fekete gave me a blessing of healing and comfort and man oh man did I need to hear those comforting words. :) I quickly fell asleep again and then, like clock work, the next morning my fever broke and I WAS FINE. Ha felt like nothing had ever happened! I love the power of the priesthood so much and definitely have gained such a strong testimony of it out here.

Welp, Wednesday was zone conference, and it was GLORIOUS. I love just being around other missionaries and hearing from our mission president. Everything about it is just so great. We spent the whole day in Calgary learning and growing! Then later that night after we had driven back home we had an awesome lesson with our recent convert David! Who's just doing amazing! So blessed to know him holy cow. 

The rest of the week just flew on by! But know that it was good! Take my word for it, the Lord is hastening his work for sure! 

Me and Sister Murphy carried a bed frame, a box spring and a mattress down these stairs. Many prayers were answered that hour hahaha. We love service though! You know what King Benjamin says in the Book of Mormon, " 17 And behold, tell you these things that ye may learnwisdomthat ye may learn that when ye are in the service ofyour fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God."

Ope, y'know just walking in our area trying to find our friend in the woods haha, you'd be surprised how many times I've used back woods trails as my main way of transportation out here. So beautiful. How'd we get so blessed to live on this Earth? ;)