Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This is ME!!! Just Chillin in Canada with my companion. 

It has been so cold and snowy again! I got like one week of spring happiness, then Calgary froze over again. This week was so good! It went by so fast though. The farther along I get in my mission the quicker time seems to go. Today I have been out now for 6 months!! Say what?! ha That means I only have 12 more left to make amazing!! Time is running out! Tomorrow is transfers and me and Sister Armstrong both got transfer emails. It will be a surprise where I end up ha. I feel like over the past 6 months Heavenly Father has taught me how to be adaptable with all the changes I've gone through. I'm excited.

This week we taught Bernard again, and he came to church!. ( The man from Ghana) That guy really knows his Bible. Ha before we started to teach him Sister Hooker asked "Is it okay if we say a prayer?", ha but Bernard must have heard "Will you say a prayer?" Ha he bowed his head mid sentence and started to pray. Ha me and Armstrong just looked at each other like oh! uhhh.... and then bowed our heads haha. AND THEN he like whispered his amen at the end so we didn't hear it so were just sitting there on the couch heads bowed in silence. Finally I opened one of my eyes and was like "oh! amen!" haha took all I had to not giggle the whole rest of the lesson. Ha I am THE WORST at containing my laughter once it starts now. Last night we were teaching a family home evening lesson and this little 4 year old boy was sitting on his knees on the chair next to me at the table. So Sister Armstrong's teaching the lesson and explaining how we can bless our families and he just rips this huge fart right in the middle of it. I was like whoa!! ha it like startled me it was so loud. Ha but I didn't want to laugh cause his parents didn't laugh, ha then he whispers "EXCUSE MEEEEEEE" , I could barely talk the rest of the lesson because if I opened my mouth I would just laugh uncontrollably. I love the kids in my areas, they are so cute and funny and I love to just lay on the floor with them and play with their Ninja Turtles and dinosaurs. These are the Crawleys, they are so much fun and so entertaining, and they're American, so I really like them .
We went to the temple this week! it was amazing! Of course it was a full on winter storm though the whole way there /: A lot of members of my old ward work at the temple and I got to see them!!! I was so happy! I just gave them huge hugs.

Last night a Filipino family in our ward taught us how to make spring rolls from scratch! They were delicious I'm pretty sure I ate at least 25, before the meal even started! ha when you roll them if they break you get to eat them. Ha and since it was our first time, lets just say we ate a lot of them. So good though, I left so full!

Well, I love you all so much! Talk to you next week!

Scripture of the week:
Nahum 1 :7 from the Old Testament

Love you always!

Sister Jaynie Connor

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Holy Cow! This week was the craziest week I've experienced in my entire life! It was transfer week, which means I moved to a different area of the mission with a new companion. I was bummed to leave the Queensland Ward and the South Zone though. But it was my time to get out and experience more of Calgary. Ha and I am now serving in the Evergreen and Shawnessy Ward in the Foothill Zone. Ha which is basically just across the street from my last zone. I'm so excited though I can tell that im really really going to love it here.
This week I had quite a few companions :) And lived in a handful of different places.
I served with Sister Hatch, then Sister Koller and Sister McDade, and now I'm in a tripanionship with Sister Armstrong from Utah and Sister Hooker from Arizona. And things are settling down and going good now! I can tell that I'm really going to like my new wards. And Sister Armstrong has served in Evergreen before so she's filling me in on everything that I need to know :) I am so thankful for her!
We started teaching a man this week from West Africa. He's Amazing! You can tell he's been searching his whole life for the Gospel! He asks so many questions and it's great because we have the answers! He's going to come to church with us this week!
Sophie from my last area is getting baptized soon!!!!! And I am so excited! The picture attached is me and Sister Keller with her after I had to say good bye :(
Not a whole lot to say this week. Just that I know that God loves us and is aware of us! I learned that firsthand this week. I also learned that he doesnt ask us to do anything that we physically cannot do, and that he wont prepare a way for us to do it. Just like it says in 1 Nephi 3:7 (book of mormon) I love this Gospel and I love being a missionary. I'm having so much fun and I am learning so much each day! So thankful for everything I have!
Scripture of the week comes from 2 Nephi 31:16, endure to the end my friends :)
love you with all i got!!!! thanks for all the love and support and prayers!
Dont work too hard! Remember to smile and enjoy life, cause we dont have it forever.
Until Next week!
Sister Jaynie Connor
Me and Sister Armstrong and Sister Hooker! :)

Ha surprise, I have a new companion! ha wait what?! yep, ha I got a new companion Sister Keller on Friday. Yes like Helen Keller :) She's super sweet and awesome! Things are going so well with us! Ha and we laugh and smile all the time. I'm loving it. Pretty crazy week last week, but, I'm glad things are settling down now.
The weather has been so crazy this week. We were in a freezing rain storm yesterday. I thought there was nothing worse than a blizzard, and I was corrected. Its just like a blizzard, just gets you soaking wet! Hair, coat, bag everything. Then the rain freezes on the ground and makes everything like a huge hockey rink ha, so slippery.
I love my ward! Theyre all so amazing here and they take such good care of us. I love them all, and I love playing with their kids ha. Whenever I leave someones house my face hurts from smiling so much. They just make me happy! ha.
Not a whole lot to say this week. Just that I love this Gospel and being a missionary. I'm exactly where I need to be and so happy! I know this is the true church and that the bible and book of mormon are true too, I get that confirmation EVERYTIME I read them. I just love it all! :)
Be good to everyone this week! I miss and love all of you!
Scripture of the Week:
Romans 15:1 (Bible)
Jacob 2:19 (Book of Mormon)
Love you all!
Until next time!
Sister Jaynie Connor
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This a Chinook cloud at sunset. Ha google what Chinooks are.