Friday, September 14, 2012

3 weeks down! And a whole lot more to go....

Its Friday!! And I have now gone to school for three weeks! Tomorrow is SUU's first home football game against New Mexico Highlands. And guess what?! I get to play at the game for Athletic Band! Whooooo! It should be a lot of fun and we got these shnazzy new jackets! Awesome right?! I play trumpet in the athletic band here. For those of you that don't know I am in Band here, as well as a Woodwind Ensemble, and a Woodwind Studio Group. I play my instruments a lot. I am getting so much better at the Bassoon its crazy, there's so much about the instrument that I never knew!

Okay so I made one of the best purchases of my life this week. No seriously. It's beautiful. I purchased a Penny Nickel Board. It is so much fun. Its like a plastic skateboard, but with long board wheels and it seriously just glides over all surfaces. I had originally brought my skate board with me, but the wheels kept getting stuck in the cracks and it was a real pain. And I didn't really feel like breaking any bones any time soon, so I decided it was time for a long board. Its taking some getting used to but I like it a lot. I took it out for the first time last night and skated all over our neighborhood. It's actually not hard to go slightly up hill either! And it goes over the bumpy pavement here wonderfully. Well thats all I have for you for today :) Hope all is well!
Did I mention it was absolutely gorgeous out yesterday?! Fall is definitely in the air :)



  1. Oh my goodness! It is gorgeous in Cedar!!!!!!!!!!!!!