Sunday, September 30, 2012

SUUper Homecoming!

     This past week was homecoming here at SUU. And being in the band I played in the annual homecoming parade down University Blvd. It was actually pretty fun. I must say I was pretty freaking hot in our band wind breakers ha. I was sweating like no other as we ran/skipped/walked down the street high giving children high fives. Awesome right? Ha only the children had been playing in the gutter than noticed we were coming sprinted towards us and gave us a huge sloppy wet bacteria crawling high five.......yep ha. But it was totally worth it to see the beaming smiles on their faces. And the best part of all Livi, Mom, and Paps came up to watch the festivities. Livi almost jumped out of her skin when she saw me on the street and almost fainted when I bent down gave her a quick hug then was on my way down the street.
     After the parade we were fed pizza and given a break, a couple of us went and laid down in the grass for a bit. Next thing we knew it was time to go play in the pep band for the football game. We played against Montana, it was so close but we lost. /: ha I was so exhausted it took all I had to keep my eyes open. Not to mention I was STILL sweaty and gross. When I got home I hopped in the shower then immediately fell into bed and did not move for another two hours. And I loved every second of it. After I had awoken from my slumber, I threw some clothes in a bag and drove up to Panguitch to spend the rest of the weekend with the fam. Liv was glued to my side and even wanted to sleep with me. I loved every minute with them. I even got to enjoy breakfast with my grandparents.

Oh  BTW I finally got a bed frame in my room! :) My boxspring is no longer on the floor and I'm lovin it.

Hope all is well, thanks for reading!

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  1. There is absolutely nothing like bacteria infested hi fives! You had such a full day, but it sounds fun. I'm glad you got to spend time with Livi. She obviously knows you're amazing. Thanks for writing this so we can all keep up with you!