Saturday, October 6, 2012

It feels like just a year ago....

       It feels like just a year ago it was the most stressful week of my high school career......oh wait a second ha because it was! I cant believe time has passed so quickly! This weekend was homecoming at Desert Oasis High School. I drove home Friday night after band practice, I only told one person I was coming. And trust me it was worth the look of surprise on peoples face when they realized I was actually there, and not a figment of their imagination. Ha I had never seen so many double takes in my life. It was so great to see and hug everyone again. I've missed them dearly.

      I must say it was great to be able to sit in the stands and just enjoy the game. Ha last year the homecoming game fell on a Saturday, at like noon, and on the same day as my SATs. Awesome right? ha. I remember my SATs started late and I got out at like 12:30. I had to rush to my school parking lot and find my mother who had my dress in a bag. Yep I changed in the back seat of a car, and let me tell you it is not that easy, I'm actually quite sure some DECA kids saw my boobs ha, oops! I had just enough time to run and hop in the back seat of the convertible as it was about to drive onto the track. Can you say hectic? I did absolutely terrible on my SATs by the way ha, couldn't focus. But hey it all worked out right ? ha
^ Homecoming 2011 Memories

Below is the video of this years Homecoming Assembly filmed by the spectacular Robert Machado! Definitely check it out, feel free to watch his other videos too! They're all great!

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  1. the life of jaynie connor: she changes for a formal dance in the back of cars...