Monday, September 10, 2012

The Princess and the Pea/Twin...

Ha those of you that know me know I act nothing like a princess, most of the time ha. But when it comes to my sleep I am a full on
DIVA! ha So when I moved away to college and was moving into my new home we only had spare twin mattresses, and I was like "Yeah I could sleep on a twin bed no biggie". Ha WRONG! I had not slept in a twin bed since I was 12 years old and much shorter. Ha I am only 5'9'', which I guess is pretty tall for a girl, but still I'm no giant. MY FEET HUNG OFF THE EDGE BY AT LEAST THREE INCHES. Ha what?!

 So I said to myself its no problem we'll adjust. Ha so I finally fell asleep that night, and when I wake up I kind of do this Patrick Star move wear I just stretch right on out ha, what'd I do? Slam my right elbow and right knee straight into the wall. -__- ha great way to start the day right? Who wouldn't want to wake up for 8am lecture like that? Ha my beds right side is pressed against the wall, so one morning my alarm went off so naturally I started to get up and lean forward to turn it off, only hitch, I thought I was facing left, WRONG, I was facing right toward the wall. Ha and I'm no Danny Phantom so naturally I slammed face first into the wall. Awwwwwesome.

 Ha so there was no way this could fly any more, so when I went home Labor Day weekend, my awesome mom started scanning craigslist. And she found the most awesome bed EVER. We got a box spring, a mattress, a mattress pad, and......... it came with a super soft like memory pad!!! For only $140! Awesome right?! It's so awesome to get up and set the outline of my body still in my bed slowly rising back up. :) Now the "princess'' is happy and getting a glorious amount of sleep. Thanks Mama!

Thanks for stalking! No really thank you.

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