Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rain, rain, go seriously.

 So all week there has beautiful toasty sunshine here in Cedar. And all week for some reason I would drive my truck to campus in the mornings, but on Friday the weather was just too beautiful to resist and I hopped on my bike. The sun was shining the, wind was in my hair, and I was desperately trying to eat my pop tart while not crashing. I got to the school with plenty of time for class and went on in.

Everything was going great. Class went by fast and I spent the remainder of the day in the library. Around noon I had a music majors/minor meeting in the theatre. So I walked on over to the meeting and as it's about to finish you hear a loud BOOOOOM! From thunder, me thinking it was just from clouds passing by above, happens all the time. Well I was wrong, big time ha. I walk out of the music building to get hit in the face by massive rain drops, deciding to not go back into the music building (for what ever reason I do not know), I run/scurry over to the Electronic Learning Center and walk under the entry way for shelter.

Well I sat there for a while waiting for it to let up, it didn't.  And I thought well what are my options? I could just wait it out I didn't need to be anywhere until 3 and it was only 1:30. Yeah, that sounds great... wait I have Pep Band today at 3, and my trumpet of course is at home. Lovely. Well it looked like my only option was to ride my bike back through the rain home and drive back. So I went back to the music building to my instrument locker, took of my backpack, which contained my laptop and books, and locked it inside. I then headed out side, unlocked my bike and was on my way. Remember how I posted earlier how the ride home is almost always a death ride? Yeah, its even worse when you're soaking wet. And it seemed the more I rode the harder it rained. My thighs were screaming and my lungs had to be on fire.

 I finally got home, and hopped off my bike (I had pedaled so hard and fast my legs were numb). I waddled to the door and came inside, seeing my roommate on the couch, and then realizing that she drives and has a car. It was one of those smack yourself in the forehead moments, she totally could have picked me up but some how I didn't think of that when I was weighing my options. Ha after my roommates got a good laugh and I went and changed, I went out back into the living room, only to notice that outside the rain had started to let up. And even seemed to be starting to stop. Awesome right?! If I had waited just 20 more minutes I would be completely fine, but I didn't think rationally ha.
I grabbed my trumpet, got in my truck, went to Pep Band, and carried on with my day.

I guess the moral of the story kid is when faced with an obstacle make sure you think clearly and come up with reasonable solutions. Think of ALL the solutions, ha it might save you a lot of time, and energy. Just another comedy moment in the life of Jaynie Connor. :) Hope all is well.

 <--- This is seriously how I felt, only I didn't have an awesome hat to protect my hair from becoming one curly soggy mop.

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