Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Electric Daisy Carnival

     Three words,    ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL.....

Last week I got the opportunity to work at EDC here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Holy crap that place is nuts! You would think working in a concession stand I wouldn't see all that much....nope. Ha I saw crazy outfits, crazy bras, and even a little bit too much of peoples bodies than I wanted to! Working EDC is definitely something I will never forget. Even though the shifts were LONG and the work was hard, it was definitely worth it in the end. I mean really, I, Jaynie Connor, got into EDC free. Actually I got paid to be there! I have never seen so many people in my LIFE! They were everywhere, and the music? AMAZING! You just kind of wanted to dance, ALL THE TIME.  Everywhere you looked just put you in a wonderful mood! I must say though at the end of a 15 hour shift I had never been that excited to see the sun rise. 

Night vs. Dawn Center Stage and Ferris Wheel 


My job entailed; taking orders, retrieving the order, serving the order and taking the money. Sounds simple right? WRONG! THERE WERE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE!!! Which means thousands of orders! I must admit after those three days I never wanted to see a hot dog or a boat of fries again in my life! (I quickly got over that, fries rock!) I mentioned earlier the 15 hour shifts? Yeah I wasn't exaggerating. We'd arrive around 5pm and be lucky if we left the stand around 7:30am. The first two days were fine, sure we were tired as hell but we were still having fun. The third day? excuse me, but it SUCKED. The time seemed to move slower than a snails pace. Around midnight I started to notice that my feet hurt. Normal, they'd hurt the night before. As the night drew on I noticed it was getting harder and harder to deliver the nacho trays. Finally, I looked down at my feet to notice my ankles were swollen to triple their size! And this was early in the night too! I hobbled around for what seemed like eternity! Finally morning came and our shift was over, once we collected our tips it was time to walk a mile to the car, on swollen ankles. -__-. My friend Jero, who was working with me, kindly offered to piggy back me the last 50 feet to the car, bless his heart. I got home and slept all the way through my Monday. MY ANKLES WERE SWOLLEN FOR FOUR DAYS ! Thank goodness they have gone down, for awhile I was afraid I was going to have to spend my check on a ER visit.
All in all it was all worth the experience and I'm sure glad I did it. Would I do it again? No.
Well not work it ;) Enjoy some pictures.
Feeling TIPsy
Hiding in the freezer ^

  Swollen Feet (CANKLES)

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