Thursday, January 10, 2013

I thought of a story!

   I thought of a story I forgot to tell you!

So I worked New Years Eve right? Well up in Brian Head on New Year's Eve they do this thing called a torch light parade. Now what that is, is employees will get bundled up and as soon as it starts to get dark will get on the chairlift carrying road flares, so the lift glows red. I got to be a part of that! So we ride all the way up to the top of Giant Steps and we are given two more road flares, and we strap in our boards, light up our flares and follow each other all the way down the mountain in kind of a zig zag, it was so cool! The whole mountain was glowing red. Of course it was freezing, at the top my bindings would barely click because they were so frozen. Truly an amazing experience. But thats not the story that I wanted to tell you! So while we were waiting to get on the lift to go up we were all just standing around, and while I zipped up my coat I laid my board down on the snow. Snow patrol was messing around with firecrackers and mini fireworks and I didn't pay any attention to them. So I'm just zipping up my coat and getting situated just in my own world and I hear a thud. So I look up to see a giant pile of fire crackers right smack in the center of my board between my bindings. I realize whats happening and quickly bend down to try and scoot them off but as I reach, they go off /: Naturally I let out a mournful "NOOOOOOO!". They eventually stop exploding and I get down to my board and attempt to shake them off, but theres ash and little shreds of red paper all over it /:, It's now dark so I really can't see it to see if its alright, my supervisors were not too happy about this incident and the patrol guy who threw the firecracker bomb was feeling pretty crappy, and offered to buy me a new board if it was burnt. I didn't make a big deal about it and continued on with my night. But the next morning when I got a good look at the board there were in fact 3 burns :(. So I guess what I'm trying to say is....... I got a new board :), and the guy paid for it! So stoked, I mean I am bummed to bid farewell to my other board, it is only a year old, but how can you not be stoked when theres a new board with your name on it?

Check it out :)

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