Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hello my lovely family and friends!!!! Ah I miss you all so much! Canada is amazing and it is so beautiful, I am so thankful to be serving here! I love my trainer and I love my area. I'm running short on time, so next weeks email will be longer, and it will have pictures! But I want you to know that I am healthy, not frozen, and the happiest I have ever been. New Canadian Vocabulary- Gongshow= like a hot mess, or chaos Tuque= (tooooke) A beanie or like a knit cap Its chilly, I wear a coat in the evening and mittens on my hands. In the morning we have to scrape the ice of the windshield already haha, my companion is from Southern California, so when winter comes we are going to freeze solid haha. We have a car! But sometimes we walk just to get some fresh air. I am learning so much about the gospel and about myself. I love being a missionary. I love my mission president and his wife. They remind me of Santa and Mrs. Claus. They'll take good care of me I just know it. We have been fed every night but one since I've been here. And in the next two weeks only two days haven't been signed up for. Everyone wants to meet the new missionary from Las Vegas ha. Since I'm new all I do is talk about my self all day everyday ahaha, and I'm okay with that. New foods I've eaten. Sweet Honey Mustard Chicken with curry. and Carrot loaf? ha I thought zucchini bread was weird, and now I'm eating carrot loaf ha, it actually wasn't bad at all haha. Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving! They eat all the same foods we do and a member had us over to eat with them. Its not as big of a deal here as it is in the states but the food is still delicious. They made their sweet potatoes with like an inch of marshmallows on top and it made me feel like I was home sitting at the table with you guys at grams house. I am so thankful for such loving friends and family. I am also so thankful for this gospel and I smile everytime I put this name tag on next to my heart. This gospel can change lives, and I cant wait to share it with EVERYONE I come in contact with. even if they think I'm annoying. I look at my pictures of all your beautiful faces everyday. I love you all so much. Spiritual story of the week: I forced my trainer to let me go tracting (knock on doors). Knocked on the first answer left a pass-along in their mailbox. Kept walking waiting for that spiritual feeling to knock on the perfect door and got nothing I thought eh screw it and just knocked on a random door. A woman answered and we introduced ourselves and she said "Well would you like to come in?" ha what?! we talked with her for like an hour and we're coming back to share a lesson with her this Sunday!!! How cool! My trainer was like WHAT that never happens! It's you!!! Moral of the story- dont wait for the spiritual prompting to do something, just do it and have faith that the Lord will take care of the rest. Go out there and Just DO IT! I love you all! Thanks for the love, prayers and support. Sister Connor

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