Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Greetings from Calgary!!! I love this city a little more each day This week was SO warm, we went from -28 C to 8 C, IN A WEEK. Yesterday I barely wore a coat ha, once you experience -28 with wind chill, everything else feels like summertime!

This week was an eventful one! And it went so fast, I couldn't believe it was already Monday!

Last Monday we baked Christmas cookies with the Humphrey family. It was just like I was back at home, rolling out the dough and playing with all the cute little shapes. I had so much fun.

Ha this week a woman in our ward,who we teach and eat lunch with every Wednesday named Helen gave me a cute leopard print scarf ! I love Helen! She's full of fire, she was born in Russia but has lived all over Europe, and she speaks like 8 languages. Very intelligent woman, I admire her. She's in about her 70's and a nurse. She takes great care of us and loves us as if we were here own grandchildren. But this wednesday I had on my Leopard print sweater accompanied by my zebra socks and I sat down on her couch and she goes "Oh! I see she is wicked! Just a second I will be right back!" Ha I was like uh, what? Sister Heslop did she just call me wicked? Ha she returned shortly with a fleece leopard print scarf for me and said "I had another one picked out for you, but since I see that you're wicked too I changed my mind and I want to give you this one." I was so honored ha! Its way cute too, I actually wore it today ha. Sometimes being "wicked" pays off .

This weekend I had the opportunity to hear from Elder David A Bedinar, an apostle of the Lord, not once but THREE times as well as Elder Payne of the 70. He was here for the stake I'm serving in's Stake Conference. On Saturday morning he held a meeting with EVERY missionary in Calgary. It was kind of a question and answer sort of meeting. I have never been so spiritually uplifted, I took about a page of notes, full to the margins on things the spirit was saying to me. One that particularly stood out to me was "Choose the right, not the appealing." Not a direct quote from Bedinar, but a direct quote of what the spirit whispered to me. Then I got to hear him AGAIN at the adult session of stake conference Saturday night. And the AGAIN at the Sunday Session the next day. I don't know how I got so lucky, This was my first EVER stake conference, and an apostle was presiding. Such a blessing. Elder Bedinar talked about the symbolism of Christmas trees in relation to the tree in Lehi's dream of the Tree of Life and how the tree is really Jesus Christ, and also the symbolism of the lights on the tree and how they represent how Christ is the Light of the World! I dont think anyone that was in that room and heard those talks will ever look at a Christmas tree the same way again. I wish I could tell you everything he said but I just can't put it all into words, definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I'm happy up here and I'm healthy, Its such a blessing to be a missionary! I thank God each day for this great opportunity. God is taking great care of me, thank you for all of your prayers. Remember to pray for yourself too

Check out this cool Christmas video!

I love you so much! And I miss you! Be kind to all!

Scripture of the week?
Mosiah 26:30-31 (Book of Mormon)
Acts 17: 27-29

Remember to pray!

Sister Connor

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