Saturday, November 30, 2013

Greetings from Canada!!!! First off! I love being a missionary! I wake up and go to sleep with a smile on my face everyday. Someone asked me yesterday what my biggest struggle is as a missionary, or something that I don't like about it and I couldn't really come up with anything! I love reading my scriptures, I love praying, I love teaching, I love being an example of Jesus Christ. I literally have no complaints. This work makes me so happy inside. Thanks for all your support and prayers! Scripture of the week DC 58:3-4 Ha, funny stories this week: The Luck of Jaynie Connor kicked in full force on me this week, ha my socks slipped on some member's carpet covered stairs and a slid down them, ( you do know shoes come off in all homes in Canada) WHILE carrying a mop and a huge bucket of dirty mop water ha causing my long legs to bust down the baby gate that was at the end of the stairs kicking all the way to the front door. Ha Ha... I was like REALLY?! I was fine! Ha, Ha, but I couldn't stop laughing, even though I was covered in gross mop water. Funny Story Number 2! Ha, Ha... a family had made roast for dinner and it was kinda tough (really tough) but I still thought it was good. Anyways they were talking to me and and was trying really hard to cut the meat with my knife and my fork but the fork slipped and with the force of the fork and the knife my whole slice of meat slipped in the air... off my plate and landed a few inches in front on me with a slop on the table! Ha, Ha gravy still intact, it was embarrassing, Ahhhh! We now refer to it as "The Great Meat Flop". Only me right? ha. Its 8 degrees F outside right now and snowing ha ha and its only gonna get colder. I'm staying pretty warm though. We heard from Elder Switzer from the 70 this week... so that was exciting! I'll write more next week! I'm alive, I'm happy, I'm a missionary! Life is swell! Smile! Love you! Sister Connor

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