Monday, December 9, 2013

Hello Beautiful People! Guess what?! Ha this week in Alberta it was the coldest place on EARTH. THE WHOLE EARTH. We were colder than the North Pole ha! I'm not exaggerating this is a real fact. It was -28 C which is -18.4 F!!! My hair froze this week....... ha ill attach a picture. Our ward Christmas party was this Saturday and TONS of our Less Active members showed up! It was amazing! and the food was delicious too :) Then at the end all the kids got to take pictures with Santa. Elder David A Bedinar comes this weekend! To my Stakes Stake Conference! How cool is that?! An actual apostle!! So I cant wait to write you all about that awesome experience. I don't have a lot of time. Just know that I'm happy, healthy, and warm. I love this. All of it. James 1:3-6 Scriptures of the week :) Notes from this weeks Sacrament meeting: -"Treat people as if their heart is breaking, because you don't know, it might be." - Rejoice with people when they rejoice but also mourn with those that mourn. - Let people cry on your shoulder. -Trials in life lead us to understanding. - The Lord prepares us for the trials, and he prepares us to take care of others as they go through trials. -Be grateful for your trials, they are opportunities for you to grow. - Hold the hands of those that hang down. -Let people know that you care about them. As much as possible. Love Always Sister Connor!

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