Saturday, November 30, 2013

Yup, it snowed yesterday haha. We went to church at 8:30 for a meeting and it was raining. Came out an hour later and it was snowing, I was like what the heck!? ha of course I had on little flat shoes to walk through the slush haha. Everything has been going great up here! I have officially been out a full month! What?! Time is flying right?! Im healthy and I am happy, me and my companion get a long great and crack jokes all the time haha. I met this super awesome Jamaican man this week! And his two children, he told us ALL about Jamaica and how they party all the time ha, and did you know that they all get married down there on Wednesday? WEDnesday ha get it? I was like what?! I feel so lied to ha. We did a TON of service this week, moving people out of their apartment, and we raked a bunch of leaves, good thing too ha cause theres 3 inches of snow on the ground. I love my ward! They take such great care of us and we have a dinner every night. I truly love each and everyone of them. I read the Book of Mormon each morning and cant help to think after each verse..."How can someone not think this is true?!" I feel like with every verse I read the closer I get to Heavenly Father, and as a result of that I'm truly happy all day. If you're reading the Book of Mormon kudos! Keep up the good work. If not I definitely recommend starting I love all of you so much, I don't have much time but know that I know this gospel is true, and I am so honored to be a missionary and clip on this tag each morning. A lot of people might not listen to me when I tell them I know its true but that's okay, its just not their time, and I tell the next person. With each rejection I walk away with a smile and knock on the next door. I know there are people out there that need this gospel more than anything right now, and Im gonna find them, and Gods gonna help me. Until next week! Say your prayers, he listens! Be good to those around you! XOXO Sister Connor PS these pics were taken within two days of each other haha.

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