Monday, September 29, 2014



Quote of the week from an investigator: " I don't know man, I'm training to be Captain Kirk in 200 years y'know." #livelongandprosperhomies #hewascompletelyserious

I am completely flabbergasted that I have been on my mission for a year now.
I feel like I blinked and boom its September again.
Its gone by so fast, but not at the same time. 
I love being a missionary, I always have the hardest time on Monday mornings because I simply cannot put into words the moments that I experience during my week. Because there just arent words that exist that can do it for me. If my emails are ever random or choppy its because Im just trying to get the words from my circus of a mind to the keys thank you for bearing with me for the past year. ha I dont know how I got so lucky. In everything. I have amazing family, amazing friends, and amazing support. I feel so blessed. Thank you all for EVERY THING that you have done for me. I COULD NOT do it without all of your love and prayers.

This week was a busy one! We went on splits with ALL FOUR of our wards ha definitely a successful week for teaching. We got to see a TON of people. 

Our mission has a challenge this month to give away 10,000 copies of the Book of Mormon. Since there aren't that many people in Raytown that arent members of the church, and most of them already have a Book of Mormon. So what we have decided to do is at all our dinner appointments, and any other appointment we have with a less-active member or a member, is challenge them to write their testimony in the front of it, then to pray and ask Heavenly Father to help them know who they can give it to, and then to do it. This week alone me and Egs gave out 25 copies. That means that there are 25 families or people in this town that are ready to share the gospel. How amazing is that? I know that when you are prepared and ready to go, Heavenly Father WILL place someone in your path that is ready to hear the Restored Gospel. So, I challenge all of you, to write your testimony in a Book of Mormon, pray and ask, and then to act, and give it away. I can promise you that if you do this with real intent the person that needs it will come to you and you will be able to share it. If you are not a member of the church I challenge you to get a Book of Mormon, from the missionaries, from a member, from (theyre free), and to read it. You will never know if its true or not, until you read it. Just give it a try.

This Saturday while I was watching the Womens Broadcast I had a little thought. I am so grateful for the Gospel. I am so thankful for the truth that has been restored. I realized that our church is indeed the exact church that Jesus Christ himself established while he was on the earth. And I know that Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet and restored that same church to the earth. I love that our church is built on divine truth, not on some ones interpretation of what a scripture or a set of scriptures means. I just love it SO MUCH. I recommend that you listen to "17 points of the True Church" by Floyd Weston. :)

Sister Jensen put on a1 year mark breakfast for me this week :) So cute! She's the greatest.

Its been a year since I cut my hair, a full year! I'm giving it a nice little trim this week ha. I just wanted to be able to say that I didnt cut my hair for a whole year. :)

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