Monday, September 15, 2014


Holy Velociraptor ! This week was AWESOME!


Such a spiritually uplifting week, ha and a cold week as well! I love the Gospel. And I know that it is true with all that I have. Everyday I feel like that testimony gets stronger and stronger if get out of the way and let it happen. I've learned on my mission that it's entirely up to me though. My relationship with God has to come from me. I pray, I read, I go to church, I pray and read some more. It's never ending, and that's what I love about it. It's not a one and done kind of deal. The gospel blesses your LIFE. Not a moment or a season of your life. But your WHOLE LIFE, if you open up and let it in. And I'm sure glad that I let it in and didn't look back. I know that this can change people because its changed me, :) , and I love being on a mission and getting to tell everyone that I come in contact with that their Father in Heaven loves matter what. 

All righty THENNNNN, back to my day by day break down! :)

Tuesday was PDAY! So we picked up the Magrath sisters and drove on down to Cardston to hang out with the other Missionaries in our Zone. We just ate junk food and lounged around ha. Me and Sister Egbert got pretty bored so I took off running while she tried to rope me, ha Im pretty sure I havent run that fast in over a year ha. I had to say good bye to Sister Martin on Tuesday, I was not happy about that, but Im so glad that I had the opportunity to serve around her for the last 3 transfers of her mission. She helped me so much and was such a great example to me, she will be missed!  Tuesday night we went to 4th Wards Young Womens and taught them how to make sweet scripture cases out of magazines and recycled cardboard. It was a ton of fun! 

Welp, nevermind about that whole day by day thing ha Im out of time :( Ill tell you about the best thing this week instead! 

This Saturday we got permission to go to the temple with Ray Castle! (Next to me in the picture). The missionaries have been working with Ray for a long time, and he has done amazing! This Saturday he went to the temple and was sealed to his deceased wife and deceased daughter! It just strengthened my testimony so much that families really can be together forever. And Im so honored that I was able to be here for it. Definitely a huge highlight of my week. I love the temple. If you have questions about the temple have them answered here: temples . 

The rest of our week was good too! Lots of contacting and walking around ha. We even went out to the acrages outside of town and started to contact those people ha. And we met some pretty dang sweet people!

Im sorry that this email is so lame and short ha I hope you enjoy the pictures though.

Thank you so much for all that all of you have done for me! :) I promise next weeks email will be better.


I know the Gospel is true. And I know that the Book of Mormon is true as well.

Until next time friends....

Sister Jaynie Connor

You know you are in southern Alberta when......they have a potato masher with a shovel handle.....

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