Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sweet home Al...


hehehehe :)

Hello lovelies!

GUESS WHAT?! Outside right now, in Raymond..... its 1C..... in September. I LOVE CANADA. 

It rained tons again this week. :) 

Day by day play by play GO!

Monday! It was PDAY PDAY PDAY! And I took Egs into Lethbridge to do some shopping at the Mall :) It was fun! Ha and why'll we were there I ran into about half of Raymond any ways ha so that was swell. Lethbridge took up most of our day, then we came home and went to see some families in 2nd ward. Ha we were in a super goofy mood from having such a great day that we were all giggly. As we were walking up this family's stairs I was still laughing, I laughed so hard that I skipped a step somehow and tripped going UP the stairs haha. Thankfully I fell super slow mo and soft onto them but then my laughter was even more uncontrollable as well as Egberts. Ha eventually I got a hold of my self and went inside ha. 

We had an awesome Zone Training Meeting in Glenwood. AND THEN, I got to go on exchanges with Sister Martin again but this time in Cardston! I just love her. She goes home this Thursday! She's done!! So crazy how fast time goes! Ha we always have the best time on exchanges though, we can never stop laughing. We were visiting an older lady in their ward and before we left Sister Martin asked if we could say a prayer. To which the lady replied, "NO, you have to sing to me first" I was like wait what? Ha Martin looks at me, "Do you sing?!" "NOT AT ALL!" Ha but the Sister was not going to let us leave without singing ha and neither of us had our hymn books. So we decided to sing "I am a child of God," mostly because it is the ONLY hymn I know by heart ha. Sister Martin isn't a big singer either and looks at me and goes, "You're going to have to start us off here Connor..." Ha so I did, in my terrible singing voice. "I AM A CHILD OFFFF GODDDDD...." AND MARTIN WAS LAUGHING TOO HARD THAT SHE DIDNT SING! So I had a one line terrible solo for this poor sister!! Ha eventually Martin got a hold of her self and we continued, shakily, ha but at the end I looked up and the woman was crying, not from laughing but because the spirit had touched her heart by using us, It was pretty cool. But, for the rest of the day we would just think about how awful that was and giggle haha.

There was like Notebook status rain in So. Alberta! Me and Martin worked in the Cardston Temple Visitor Centre. I love doing that and meeting the people that stop in :) There was a lady and her father from Saskatchewan that had been driving by and the temple had stood out from the town so much that they couldn't help but to pull in and check it out. We got to tell them all about the temple and the church and everything, they left with arms full of pamphlets to read up on it. So cool. Then! That night when I was back in Raymond we went to see Sister Heggie in the 4th ward to pick up my scripture case and she showed us THE COOLEST video ever about missionary work and the atonement...... It's called "Missionary Work and the Atonement" Watch it Here! Answered just about 2 months of prayers for me in 10 minutes. I love being a missionary, sometimes its extremely hard. But, I know the reason why I'm here and that out weighs any bad day.

While sitting behind the desk at the Visitor Centre I started to doodle....naturally. :)

Was planning day! And it was such a nice day that we decided to do it outside, in our hoodies. :) And the rest of the day we just did stop by visits. Went great! That night though there was a miracle!   WE had 30 minutes until it was time to head home so we decided to hand out invitations to our church tour next monday, and we stopped by a house that we had been referred to. A woman answered the door and was so excited to hear about the tour! "I've always wanted to go inside that building! But I didnt know if I could!" We were like OH YES, YES YOU CAN! We ended up teaching her the first discussion on her porch! And when Sister Egbert got to the Joseph Smith's First Vision, the woman got chills, the spirit was so strong! We set up an appointment with her to come back this week and teach her more! We cant wait to teach her more!

(I'm running out of time, :( as usual..... so bulletpoints here we come ha)

- We got one of our Less active members to finally say a simple prayer at one of our lessons! SO EXCITING.
- A woman freaked out and wanted to bash with me and Egbert because we go to church on Sunday. It was scary ha, wouldnt even let us bear our testimonies. So we got out of there as soon as possible, ha invited her to the church tour though.
- We taught our investigator family by kerosene light at night! So sick and it went so well! They're progressing so well.
- We worked at Good Sam's and played Bingo with the residents there, ha so entertaining.

- Trimmed Rasberry bushes in a denim/flannel coat in the sun for 2 hours.....#joy
- found magical Jalepeno Macaroni and Cheese Chips
- Chased Sister Egbert on foot down Hwy 52, she just took off running cause she realized we were late for dinner ha.

- Fast sunday! Went great!
- Proverbs 13:11

welp, now im forreal out of time!

I love this gospel with all that I have and I know its true. And you can as well, if you kneel down in prayer and ask your Heavenly Father. That's a promise Moroni 10:3-5 p529 Book of Mormon

Miss you. Love you. Merry Christmas.

Sister Jaynie Connor.
"Fat Night FHE with the Sugais. Canadian Chocolate bar taste testing!"

trimming bushes like a champ

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