Monday, October 20, 2014

Soo.... I made it to heaven....

Ha or the next best thing! I have been transferred to the Canmore/Banff branch. Where is that you may ask?  Ha it's about an hour and a half out of Calgary way up in the mountains. I forgot my SD card reader so here's some google images of the area haha. We cover a lot of area but focus mostly on the cities of Canmore and Banff.

I get to be surrounded by mountains all day every day! I seriously just stare in wonder at the beauty of the mountains. Ha its funny though that I'm serving here, because it's one of the biggest ski/snowboard towns in Alberta. Sick joke I know. BUT I most definitely will be coming back after the mish to ride. :) I have been made a Sister Training Leader in the mission, we cover a certain amount of other sisters and go on exchanges with them and do trainings and what not. :) Should be fun! We cover all the sisters in the Calgary West stake and the Sisters down in British Columbia, we do a lot of driving ha. But I'm excited for this new adventure! My new companion is Sister Jones from around Logan Utah! She's been on her mission 9 months now.

I went from covering a Stake in Raymond, to covering a Branch in Banff. There are about 15 active members (people who come regularly). Ha so a little different. But hey thats okay, that just means that there is A TON of missionary work to be done. In the 3 days that I have been here me and Sister Jones have given away 9 copies of the book of Mormon. And have met so many fun and interesting people. I love it here! So many different cultures and languages.

AND AND AND, everyone here is my kind of people! They all love the mountains, skiing, snowboarding, chilling etc. Ha literally everyone has on a snow coat and a beanie/tuque. They look like me, act like me, talk like me. I fit right in ha. I feel so blessed to be in this part of the mission. I'm so excited to see what the future holds here. I know that this is where I am needed right now.

Miracle of the week:

Me and Jones were walking to an appointment but had to pass through the hotel/condo part of Canmore. We were walking down a trail and this lady with a bright purple coat was walking up the trail. I was like "Hey! I love your coat!" and then Sister Jones started to try and talk to her. She quickly kept walking and was like "Nope, dont have anytime, bye!" I was like oh ouch. haha But we kept on walking, as missionaries do. Later that day, like literally 2.5 hours we were walking back up that same trail, and THE SAME LADY WITH THE PURPLE COAT was walking down it. I was like "HEYYYYY! So we meet again!" And Sis. Jones asked if we could walk with her. She said yeah sure why not, so we started to walk and talk with her about the book of Mormon. Eventually we were stopped on the sidewalk talking about Christ and she started to tear up, and open up to us about her life. The spirit was SO strong. She said, "Yknow ladies as I was walking away from you I thought if I really needed to hear what you had to say, that fate would make it happen again." I was completely flabbergasted, like my mouth fell open. We ended up giving her a Book of Mormon and testifying on the plan of salvation. She wouldn't give us her number but she took ours and said that she might call us, I really hope that she does. :)
This whole week was full of miracles but that one was my favorite! Thanks for all the love and emails! I miss and love all of you so much! I can't believe time has gone by so fast :(
Its a lot different up here compared to Raymond. I am so thankful for the time I got to spend there and all the members that took me in, I will never forget them. Thank you to all the Raymondites that will get this message. TELL RAYTOWN I LOVE THEM.
E BEING A MISSIONARY. Holy cow. Each day gets better and better. Im so thankful for the Gospel and for my Savior.
I hope that you all have a terrific week!!!
Miss you
Love you
Merry Christmas.
Sister Jaynie Connor

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