Monday, August 11, 2014

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Sister Connor, Vega$. Sister Egbert, Mudlake Idaho. Elder Burrows, Ogden Utah. Elder Spencer, Orderville, Utah.

Pretty much our area in a picture. Empty roads, fields, farms, and NO MOUNTAINS.

Sorry ha my mind went blank deciding on a subject line haha.

Welp, things are going just peachy up here in Southern Alberta. :) 

Ready, day by day....GO!

We came and emailed and then went to the gas station to buy some chocolate and marshmallows for our District Weenie roast for Pday :) Why gas station you ask? ha Last Monday was some national holiday in Canada (Canadian fun fact: They have at least 1 holiday on a Monday per month, no joke. And if there wasn't one already there, they make one up.) They didn't have grahams though, so thankfully our favorites the Robsons had some for us. :)   But ha the weenie roast was a lot of fun ha, I love how diverse our district is. We've got; me and Egs from Vega$ and Idaho, then Elders Spencer and Burrows, from Utah, Sisters Joseph and Gonzalez from New Zealand and Quebec, then Elders Gibbs and Lusk from Utah, and California. We have a good time :) After the weenie roast we went and did service for a family we do service for all the time. We've been trying to teach them for awhile. But, they invited us over to help them in their yard and for some BBQ. It went great! We did what they wanted us to do and then had a great dinner outside under the trees. And before we were about to leave Egs popped the question. "Before we leave can we teach you?" And they were pretty hesitant but then said yes! So we ended up teaching them the plan of salvation and it went great! The wife even got tears in her eyes when we started talking about the church. This couple and their son come to church almost every Sunday, but are not members. We talked to them about the temple and how they can become an eternal family. Spirit was so strong and we picked them up as new investigators. We were stoked!!! 

(haha I'm running out of time so the rest of the days are going to be super lame and short. sorry bout that !)

 We drove for ever through fields on fields on fields to go to a small town called Glenwood for our Zone Training Meeting. Went well :) After we all stopped at the local ice cream shop ha all 20 something of us, ha it was packed probably their busiest day all month! Then we drove all the way back haha. We walked and talked to everyone all over town the rest of the day. My shoes are wearing down quick, I love it :)

Egs got pretty sick this week, just caught a bug so we took it easy this day and I let her rest. But the whole rest of the afternoon and night we just went out a worked ! 

-Took Egs to the Doc, and got her some meds.
- Went and visited with Old man George and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love George ha he walks all around town to get his exercise and just cruises right along. I don't think we could keep up with him if we tried.
- Then we went and taught Shaimus and the Tolman kids! I LOVE THEM haha they're so full of energy and make me laugh so much. Taught them about the plan of salvation using one of Dillons gardening gloves. :) It worked.

Friday was good :) We ate lunch with Sister Pack, she makes us lunch every week :) Then we went and volunteered at Good Sams (Old folks place) and helped out with their talent show. Sister Egbert forgot to mention to me that she's basically Mozart when it comes to the piano and we got her to play for the residents. My mouth fell open when she started to play ha, it was amazing! We went to a block party in the 6th ward and our investigator Sam came with her family. From there we went to a little bonfire with a couple we just love over in the 4th ward then taught them a little lesson. It was so much fun. I love the summertime here. I feel like I live in "the Sandlot" here. We were walking down the street and we ran into one of our investigators. I asked if he would be baptized, and in complete seriousness he replied with, "nope, can't get baptized, I'll lose my magic." I was like wait what? haha so we talked for a little bit more and he ended up taking a Book of Mormon, after I shared 1 Nephi 3 :7 with him and we talked about commandments.

We worked the Raymond Triathlon pretty much all day ha, me and Egs were placed on the side of the road, WAY OUT in the fields and sat there and cheered on the bikers that would come by every 20 minutes haha. WE GOT FRIED. But it was still a lot of fun, pretty peaceful out there.

Welp out of time folks ha sorry my emails are terrible and probably never make any sense. I love you guys and miss you all! Thanks for all the support and love :)

Doctrine and covenants 63:47

 47 He that is faithful and endureth shall overcome the world.

Remember that, keep going. 

Until next time loves!

Sister Jaynie Connor

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