Monday, March 23, 2015

Miracle Junkies


Man oh man time is flying!!! What am I gonna do!? 

This week WAS SO GREAT! I don't even know where to begin because this week felt like it was A YEAR LONG. I have no Idea what I did at the beginning of this week ha. 

BUT, I can tell you the things I do remember though :) 

Miracle 1. So last week when McDade, Harris and Shumway were here all of us went out to eat lunch at Chiles here in Banff. And our waiter looked down at mine and Sister Matheson's tags and said, "I didn't know there was a mission here in Banff." Took us by total surprise! Ha turns out he's a member of 4 years and has been working here in Banff now for about 6 months, he had no idea there was even a church here. So, we told him where and Invited him. :) This week we met up with him just a like "get to know you" lesson, to hear his story. He's the only member in his family, and joined the church when he was 16 years old! While we were talking Sister Matheson asked him if he had ever considered going on a mission. He replied "No. And I'm not going to." We talked some more and ended up sharing a message with him about the Restoration then inviting him to pray about going on a mission. As soon as we asked him to, he said, " I don't know why but the date October 16th just popped into my head!" :D He came to church with us this Sunday. And, he's preparing for a mission.... SO AMAZING!  Total act of God that we went to Chiles that day, that we sat in his section, and that we crossed paths! It just blows me away what Heavenly Father will do to make sure his children are taken care of! 

Miracle 2. This Sunday we had a lesson with one of our investigators in kind of like a rec center type of place, we brought a member, showed up and she wasn't there. As we were frantically searching everywhere and at all the tables 2 ladies commented on Sister Matheson's skirt, and about how much they loved it! We started to have a conversation with them about who we are and where we are from and what not. They were from Germany and Quebec and were just out for lunch. We started to teach them about the Gospel and ended up giving them copies of the Book of Mormon. Looking around and seeing our investigator no where in sight, we asked them if they had some time right then to learn more. "Sure! Why not?!" was their reply. So that's what we did, sat down and taught them that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored, the heavens aren't sealed, and that there's a prophet on the earth. The spirit was so strong and my heart was so full of joy I didn't know what to do! We have a return appointment with one of them this week!! :) As we were hugging them good bye the one looked us in the eye and said, "This is exactly what I need right now." Sister Matheson, our member, and I walked out to the car in utter shock! SO INCREDIBLE. There are people everywhere, prepared and ready. 

Miracle 3. After Miracle 2 we had another appointment with an Investigator Sister Matheson had found with Shumway when we went on splits. We had taught him once before and the day of our 2nd appointment he tried to drop us and told us he didn't want to learn anymore and that "Mormonism" wasn't for him. As the hours passed by though that day he decided he wasn't done talking to us and still wanted to learn more. So we went back. :) This guy is SUPER SMART and loves science. Like literally, he's studying astrophysics. We were super nervous to teach him but prepared. We sat down with him and he goes, "So, I did what you asked and prayed." We were like WHOA there! He said he had prayed to know that God, if there really was one, was real. And he got an answer, day after day, same result. :) And as we were teaching him the plan of Salvation he had SO MANY HARD QUESTIONS!  But, all of them had an answer. :) Eventually he said, "I keep trying to stump you, and its not working!" We just smiled. His heart had softened so much since the last time we had seen him. We taught him that Science and Religion, separate contradict, but really we know that they are the same thing and they make sense, together. He sat back and sighed and said "Whoa. Well, I'm not convinced yet. But I liked today's discussion" Another miracle of the Lord. :) 

There are so many more miracles that happened this week, but I don't have the time, or space to write them all. :( I know this work is real. I know that Heavenly Father is helping us. The power of the spirit has been unreal, I can't even comprehend at times the joy my heart feels. I definitely gained a testimony this week that its all real. ALL of IT. And it makes sense. This week our Branch Mission Leader called me and Math "Miracle Junkies" ha so true. I love it!!! I love being a missionary!!! I don't want it to end! But, I know the Lord will take care of me, and those I'm working with. He has a plan for us all! 

Out of time! :( 

I love you all so much! Thanks for all the prayers and support.

Sister Jaynie Connor

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