Saturday, January 24, 2015

He leads me, he leads me along.

Hello friends and family! Happy middle of January? Ha things are going good up here in Canmore!

Sorry that I've kinda dropped the ball with the whole blog thing lately :(

Here's last weeks updates!


It was "Miracle Monday." So we started out the day with some good ol' tracting (door knocking) in Canmore. We were out for probably an hour and our faces froze ha, gotta love Canada. So we walked home to pack our bags before we drove in to Calgary to spend some time with the 17th ward sisters, Estrada and Wagstaff. We went on little mini split and I was with Sister Estrada, I just love that little sister. She's been out on her mission as long as I  have and is from the Philippines!  It's so funny whenever we stand by each other because I'm 5'9" and she probably comes to my hip. But she has a heart bigger than a dinosaur I swear. I have never met someone so charitable. I love spending time with her because she is just so bold and loving to everyone she meets. I definitely have learned so much from her, such a great missionary.

     We then had dinner with our awesome branch mission leader and his wife, the Whitneys, in Calgary. AND THEN, It was my turn to go around with Sister Wagstaff. She's pretty much one of the funniest people I have ever met and is from Provo, Utah. We just did some contacting over by their apartment.

Tuesday: PDAY PDAY PDAY! The whole zone got together for our last Pday all together and went Canadian Bowling in Cochrane. We had A TON of fun, ha I had only been american bowling so when I got there I was totally thrown off, it's way fun though and kind of easier! They use a smaller ball and smaller pins! So you don't feel like your arms going to come out of socket when you try to roll the ball that weighs more than a large dog.

Afterwards we headed back into Calgary and had dinner with some of our Calgary members, the Rawlings. I just love them. :) And we taught them about online proselyting! 


Wednesday we started out in Banff walking around and doing some street contacting. Then went back to Canmore and started to look around our area for some more volunteer opportunities. AND we found one, THAT DAY. Ha me and Sister Jones used to volunteer at a thrift store in Canmore awhile back so we stopped by to see if they were still looking for help, and they were! Ha so we helped out there for awhile. We then went to a small town/village thing called Dead Man's Flat and did some tracting. Ha we found the ONLY residential area and knocked on every door! Out of 43 only 8 answered and only 2 took a Book of Mormon. Sometimes when you look at the numbers it can be discouraging, but the way I see it, we potentially brought 2 more people closer to Christ that day :)

I saw this house and just couldn't resist. Sadly no one was home :(
 We also taught our recent convert David about our loving Heavenly Father, and also our friend Derick about the power of fasting and paying a full tithe. Awesome lessons, I love those two.

Thursday!  Transfer day! Me and Sister Murphy are staying together another transfer but we needed to take Sister Estrada in for the Farewell Fireside that night so we got to drive into Calgary! We dropped off Sister Estrada and kidnapped Sister Wagstaff for the night. Mwuahahaha! Ha actually we were only with eachother for maybe 3 hours but hey it was fun anyways. We then got to drive all the way back into the Center of Calgary to pick her back up and while we there I got to see some of my favorite people from my favorite areas around the mission saying goodbye to some other missionaries. Gave me a preview as to what is going to happen in about 11 weeks. :( 

Friday! Was our weekly planning day, and we did some contacting out in Three Sisters by Canmore.

Saturday was our Lake Louise day, we drove all the way up and did some follow up on some people me and Sister Jones had given Book of Mormons to. And one was still way interested in learning! Its just hard for us to catch him when hes not working, one of these days though ha. We saw David again that night and went over how all of us are a part of a big Heavenly Family. Thats why we refer to each other as Brother and Sister. 

Sunday was fun! There were A TON of visitors at church, we even had to break out the folding chairs, that never happens!

Overall, the week was just great! AS USUAL. I LOVE BEING A SISTER MISSIONARY!

Sorry this weeks post took so dang long, love and miss you all. ENJOY.

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