Monday, November 17, 2014

Bring on the POUTINE...

Hello Family and Friends! Good news! I'm alive. Bad news? I'm freezing haha. Man I thought that if you can survive one Canada winter you're good to go. Lie. I'm still cold. And its not like I'm not dressed right. I wear a down filled coat, leggings, boots, mitts, and a tuque everywhere I go. Ha I'll survive don't you worry.
This week was a long one and a ton of stuff happened. But, I don't have enough time to type it all. SO..... bullet points here we come.
- We went to Calgary for Pday, but since it was so snowy and gross we didn't get there until dinner time. But we had and awesome dinner with the Alvarez sisters from the Brentwood ward.
- I got my mind blown with some scriptural knowledge with Brother Pitcher. He's so smart! And knows so much about the scriptures. So he shared some knowledge with me and gave me a new perspective.
- I gave my first training at a Zone Training Meeting as a Sister Training Leader on the Atonement.
- Then I got to go on exchanges with Sister Kolodisi from Fiji! SO FUN
-Went up to Lake Louise with Sister K for lunch with the Wrights and to look at the beauty.
- Taught our investigator David who's doing awesome, agreed to be baptized!
- Helped some members move
-Way cold.
- Had some car mishaps :( Temporarily with out a car now. But its being fixed as I type. :D
- Miracle after Miracle with street contacting.
- Sick in bed.
- Saw a herd of at least 40 elk!
- Contacting miracles continued.
- Had a super Saturday event up in Banff with the Branch Relief Society.
I love how in each of my areas there's a specific food we always eat.
Queensland- Donairs or FiveGuys
Shawnessy/Evergreen- Brothers Chinese Food
Raymond- Subway
Canmore/Banff? - La Belle Patate POUTINE
It is soooooo good! Ha this place specializes in poutine so they have a ton of choices. My favorite and the one pictured below? Shepherds Pie Style. #heaven 

Haha sorry this email is not the most informative. Know that I love and miss you all. Thanks for all that you do for me. Keep praying, he's listening. All we can do is our best.
Love you Always!
Sister Connor :)

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